Official BCB Fantasy Thread


Alright, since Hyatt went and got his wife pregnant, I'm going to be running things around here this year.

Firstly, and echoing what Hyatt said in the other thread, I teel that the best thing would be to have multiple leagues depending on the amount of interest. It will probably end up being two leagues, but if enough people want to play, we could end up making it three. Personally, I would say 10-12 team leagues would probably be best. What I would like to be able to do is continue this yearly, so starting next year we can start having a upper-tier and lower-tier league. Then what we could do is every year have the worst few teams from the upper-tier drop to the lower tier and the best few teams from the lower tier move to the upper tier.

Secondly: I think that probably the best time to get the draft(s) done will probably be around a week or so before the start of the season. The first game is April 4, so sometime around the end of March will probably be ideal.

Third: If everyone who wants to be involved could please e-mail me, that would be marvelous. It would make it much easier for me to keep everything in order that way. Please include your BCB username, and what date between March 25-April 2 would work best for you as it stands right now. I know it is kind of far in advance and things will change so I will check back in again when the end of spring training is near. I would just like to get a general overview right now. My email can be found at my userpage or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the envelope by my name under "Contributors".

Last, is there anything particular anybody wants--I think that probably most people would be more comfortable with a serpentine draft rather than a Auction, but feel free to voice otherwise. Everyone cool with standard 5x5? Points or Head to Head? Want to draft sooner? Hate me being in charge? Feel like there isn't enough food at this party? Feel free to discuss what you'd prefer in the comments.

Oh, and Yahoo! or ESPN for hosting the league? Or another free host if you know one.

And I dibs Pujols.

Thanks all!