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First and Second Base Projection Results

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I didn't have time to average out the projections from first and second base until now, so I'm going to work an extra post into the projection series here. We're not projecting anyone today, that will pick up again on Monday. But I'll share the results for Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, and Joe Inglett here.

Prince Fielder

BCB Community Projection: .295/.398/.586

CHONE: .294/.387/.577

ZiPS: .277/.383/.552

We're a little optimistic, but understandably so. It's actually a lot more reasonable of a projection than I had thought it would be. It should be noted that I threw out about 5-10 of the 160 projections submitted due to absurd numbers, I didn't keep a projection with a slugging percentage over .800 (or 19). We also project Prince for 97% of the playing time at first. 

Rickie Weeks

BCB Community Projection: .265/.355/.451

CHONE: .262/.368/.449

ZiPS: .240/.345/.419

We're pretty well in line on this one. There's a lot of variability in these individual projections on the high and low side but in the end they average out to a line comparable to the CHONE and ZiPS projections. For playing time, our average projected for Weeks is 76%. We project Counsell for 13%, Inglett for 7%, and 4% for other players. 

Joe Inglett

BCB Community Projection: .268/.334/.380

CHONE: .278/.341/.386

ZiPS: .273/.333/.375

Not much of a surprise here. This line fits in almost exactly with the two systems. As noted before, Joe is projected for 7% of the time at second base, which includes the zeros submitted by people who don't think he will make the team.