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Untucking: Yea or Nay?

Earlier this week we had a small celebration in the comments of a FanShot when we learned that, despite Mike Cameron's departure, the Brewers will still untuck their jerseys after wins in 2010. But not everyone is excited about it, and I'm curious to hear what you think. Below you'll find a few paragraphs with the arguments for and against the practice: Take a look at them and vote in our poll.

The argument for:

I'm excited to see the Brewers keep the tradition of untucking their jerseys after wins. Over the past few years, it's become part of the identity and personality of this team. I think untucking is fun, harmless, and a nice tribute to a blue collar worker many Brewer fans are or can relate to.

As a fan of this team, I'm glad the Brewers do more after victories than the handshakes and half-smiles we've come to expect from other teams. Baseball is a game and a form of entertainment, so what's wrong with having a little fun when you win? Untucking is a nice way to celebrate as a team and part of a community - it's something the fans can do along with the players.

I know it draws occasional complains from the "respect the game" police and other traditionalists, but in the grand scheme untucking is pretty harmless, and certainly not a serious offense to the integrity of the game or the dignity of the other team. If the Brewers ran over to the opposing dugout after the game and untucked on their steps, that would be different. But this is a team oriented, harmless celebration. I have a hard time seeing complaints about it as being anything more than sour grapes.

Finally, the story behind untucking gives it a nice tie back to the community. As I'm sure you know, the tradition originated with Mike Cameron, who untucked his jersey after wins because that's what his dad did after a hard day's work. It's nice to see the Brewers, even those without blue collar ties or experience, embracing a tradition designed to remember the blue collar roots many of us can relate to.

The argument against:

As the site's most vocal opponent to untucking, I've invited backtocali to provide the argument against. Here is what he submitted:

I am pretty sure that I am in a very small minority here in that I am not a fan, at all, of the "untucking" "tradition" started by Mike Cameron a few years ago. I realize that this is a new millenium and that athletes, and anyone, for that matter, are allowed to express themself in any way they choose and that everyone is doing it, I have just never felt it is a good thing for the Brewers to do. A few of the main reasons that I dislike it so much are as follows:
1) The type of person it is intended to honor, should be offended by it. Mike Cameron's dad was a blue collar guy, and at the end of a long, hard day at work, he would untuck his shirt and relax with his family.This type of gesture might have been just fine if it had just been Cameron untucking as a tribute to his father. But guys like Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and the rest that do it on a regular basis, are multi millionaire professional athletes. They make their living playing a game. I realize that being a professional athlete takes a lot of hard work, concentration and dedication, but at the end of the day, they are doing a job that Mike Cameron's blue collar dad would have probably done for food money if he had the ability. There just seems to be something a little off about a bunch of millionaires who make their living playing a game putting themselves on the same plane as a person working in a factory all day for wages that might not ever add up in a lifetime what a rookie MLB player makes in a year.
2) Plain and simple: It's showboating. This isnt the NBA or NFL. Although most of us find baseball entertaining, its not a "show" like those other sports are where flamboyance is required of its big stars. Brewer fans hate it when Alfonso Soriano does his little hop, or when Albert Pujols watches his many home runs, or when Jose Valverde points at the other team when he makes a save, or when Carlos Zambrano pumps his fist in the air after an inning ending strikeout. If you dont like it when those other players do those things when playing the Brewers, you shouldnt like it when the Brewers untuck.
3) Pitchers and opponents have long memories. Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun have both been brushed back in the recent past because they have showboated after dramatic Home Runs. Untucking encourages retaliation. Prince Fielder is either going to be brushed back or thrown at high and tight when the Brewers face the Giants this year because of the "Shock Wave" which also included an untuck. People dont like to be humiliated. Humiliated, irrational types might send a fastball into the earhole. Why encourage it?
4) The Brewers havent won anything (since about 1982). Last year the Brewers were 80-82. The team has one playoff appearance in the last 26 years. It seems a bit foolish for a team with a losing record, and no so great tradition, to celebrate in such an elaborate fashion. If you win the pennant, or a World Series, you have the right to be brash and cocky. Without the rings it just makes you a target, and makes you look like a punk.

I am definitely old fashioned when it comes to home run celebrations and celebrations in general on the playing field. I like the old Vince Lombardi saying about "acting like you have been there before" after scoring a touchdown. I was a big fan of the 1990's Bobby Cox led Braves that were all business while winning and winning and winning. I personally dont need a big celebration to bring me to the park, or bring me back, I am always going to go to games, I will always be a fan no matter the outcome. There is no need to liven things up to make the game more exciting.

So, what do you think?