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The Brewer Advent Calendar #16: Alcides Escobar

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Behind today's door we find...Alcides Escobar!

As the heir apparent at shortstop, most of the accolades regarding Escobar's game are reserved for his defense. With that said, he's off to a pretty nice start with the bat as well, hitting .310/.338/.372 in his first 138 major league plate appearances.

In fact, Escobar is only the second Brewer ever to collect 40 hits in his first 138 PAs:

Player Season(s) Hits
Ryan Braun 2007 42
Alcides Escobar 2008-2009 40
Paul Molitor 1978 39
Dale Sveum 1986 39
Tony Gwynn Jr 2006-2007 38
Steve Hovley 1969 38
Casey McGehee 2009 38
Kevin Barker 1999-2000 37
Pat Listach 1992 37
Bob Sheldon 1974-1975 37

Thanks to TheJay for the research.