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The Brewer Advent Calendar #15: Casey McGehee

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Behind today's door we find...Casey McGehee!

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time none of us thought Casey McGehee would even open the season on the roster, much less contend for the NL Rookie of the Year Award. He played well enough to jump in front of Mat Gamel on the depth chart, and is the clear favorite to open the season as the Brewers' everyday third baseman.

Just how good was McGehee's 2009 season? Well, he's only the fourth Brewer third baseman ever to post a .300 batting average, 100 hits, 20 doubles and 15 home runs in a season, and the others are guys you'll probably recognize:

Player Season BA H 2B HR
Ryan Braun 2007 .324 146 26 34
Paul Molitor 1982 .302 201 26 19
Casey McGehee 2009 .301 107 20 16
Jeff Cirillo 1996 .325 184 46 15
Jeff Cirillo 1999 .326 198 35 15