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The Two Weeks Away Weekend Mug!

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Some things to read while showing your generosity.

As of this writing, we are officially less than two weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting!  Unfortunately for 2009 Brewer Felipe Lopez, he is still wondering where he is going to find a job for 2010.  Brewers Daily has joined the party wondering why no team has signed him yet. I actually didn't realize that he had a 4.6 WAR last season, though his reputation for being lackadaisical in the field would seem to indicate that he won't be worth as much defensively next year.  His offensive talents should probably land him a deal sooner or later, though.

The Ghost of Moonlight Graham ranks Lopez as it's second best available free agent hitter, behind Johnny Damon.  Also on the list at number four is Russell Branyan.  Now, maybe I am biased a little by my well-documented man-crush on the guy, but they seriously have him ranked behind Hank Blalock

I don't remember seeing anyone else mention this, but our old friend Battlekow notes that the Brewers have signed 19 year old Dominican pitcher Eduard Reyes, who posted some pretty great numbers in the DPL, though in what looks to be a small sample size.

Want another reason to dislike the Cubs?  Here's one:  They are trying to get every other team in the Cactus League to help fund a new spring training stadium in Mesa by having a leaguewide ticket fee.  The reasoning behind it comes down to the Cubs being the largest spring training draw in the MLB, thus helping the entire leagues attendance so I guess I can kind of understand it. 

Around the Majors:
Rockies: Signed INF Melvin Mora to a one year, $1.3M contract
Padres: Agreed to a one year, $1.25M contract with C Yorvit Torrealba
Phillies: Signed Japanese pitchers Shigetoshi Yamakita and Naoyo Okamoto to minor league deals
Blue Jays: Signed reliever Kevin Gregg to a one year, $2.75M contract
Nationals: Signed pitcher Shawn Estes to a minor league deal
Mariners: DFA'd pitcher Yusmeiro Petit
Athletics: Traded Pitcher Dana Eveland to the Blue Jays for a PTBNL or cash

We might be coming near to the end of the constant Jarrod Washburn to the Brewers rumors, as he may be considering retirement if he doesn't find a deal somewhere.

If you have an interest in Baseball nicknames, over at The Hardball Times Bruce Markusen is going to be taking a look at the history of them over the next year.  This weeks installment focuses on nicknames received due to a player defensive deficiencies.

And over at Fangraphs, Patrick Newman has had a pretty fascinating series of posts answering questions about Japanese and Asian baseball.  It has run in three parts, one, two and three.

I don't know how to read time signatures.  Hank Aaron's birthday was Friday.  It was also in that day's mug.  Whoops.  But hey, as KL notes in the comments, it's morineko's Seth McClung's birthday today!

That's all I've got this weekend, unless you're wondering what to make for your Super Bowl party.