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3.10 Frosty Mug: Strange Brew 3 - Back to the Minors

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Thank you AP photog/dirty old man, Morry Gash, for that fine picture taken yesterday. Seriously, why take/publish a photo like that? Simple. So juvenile bloggers like myself would post it.

Something to read while you're clipping coupons.

I think Kyle is back tomorrow. You're only stuck with me for one more day and then I head back to the minors. All apologies, my blogging skills have gotten a little rusty. If Kyle ever has me back, I'll do a better job. Thanks for the kind words in the regards to my daughter yesterday......she appears to be getting better.

Yesterday, the Brewers took on the Little Bears to the south and won 5-3. Jeff Suppan was back to his below average self. The guy has been mediocre his entire career and will be for his final season with the Brewers. If we can get .500 ball out of #5 starter, I won't complain. Until I realize we're paying him $12 million dollars.

HardCore is still complaining about the weather.
TH is also drooling all over Carlos Gomez.
The Rick Peterson lovefest continues......
Adam McCalvy asks "Is it Inglett's job to lose?"
Adam also has a mailbag and answers questions on Fielder, Escobar, Jenkins and Jeffress
In-Between Hops discovers the real Gregg Zaun.
Winks has some quick thoughts on the game.
More pictures from the Timber Rattlers new construction.
Brewers have two Long Beach State alums trying to make the team
Boston Herald has a feature on Billy Hall. “It’s kind of a gift and a curse when you can do all the things I can do.” EXCEPT HIT A BASEBALL!

Today the Crew take on the Padres in Peoria. Is Doug Brocail still alive? I remember getting his autograph at Spring training in 1993 when he was with the Padres, yet he was still pitching last season. Did he retire or is he with another team?

The stadium tax won't end as originally predicted. It apparently will take at least an additional 2 years. (Just don't read the comments, your head will hurt)

Quickly before I go, as a Nebraska native, I'll offer one last ditch pitch for you to attend the College World Series in Omaha this June. It's truly a fantastic event that's about to be ruined by the NCAA. This is the final year at it's home for over 50 years, Rosenblatt Stadium. The NCAA is moving to a new stadium in a different part of town.  Lost in the move will be the neighborhood surrounding the stadium that adds so much charm and personality to the event. Listen, if the ping is what bothers you, trust me, you'll get over it in about 2 innings. Plus, you get a chance to see future Brewers play ball (off the top of my head) Ryan Braun, Geoff Jenkins & Kyle Peterson. Every year there seems to be at least 2-3 players drafted by the Brewers at the CWS. Here is the plea I wrote in '09 on the Daily Drink. First game is Saturday June 19th, I'll see you then.

Around The League:
I found this pretty interesting. I don't think it would ever gain a ton of steam, but interesting none the less. "Floating" realignment in which teams would not be fixed to a division, but free to change divisions from year-to-year based on geography, payroll and their plans to contend or not. (FanShotFloating realignment also could mean changing the number of teams in a division, teams changing leagues and interleague games throughout the season, according to several sources familiar with the committee's discussions. It is important to remember that the committee's talks are very preliminary and non-binding.

Boston sheds a tear as Nomar looks to retire.
Cal Ripken wants to manage.
Twins fans are freaking out over Joe Nathan's injury.

Non-baseball links below......

I lost a bet, I had Corey Feldman biting the dust before Corey Haim.

The trailer for the Tron remake has potential.

Bob Barker likes the young girls.

8 Movies that were sci-fi, but you didn't know it until about an hour in.

I'm a huge Zooey Deschanel fan and this video doesn't change my mind.

Again, we close with a music video...a disgustingly catchy song by Hard-Fi