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Community Projections: Relief Pitchers

Today we handle the top seven relief pitchers on my current depth chart: Hoffman, Hawkins, Coffey, Vargas, Stetter, Narveson, and Villanueva. Project their FIP/ERA number and innings pitched. I know Riske, Lofgren, and a few others could be factors in the bullpen, but we'll deal with them specifically closer to the start of the season.

Also, I don't see a good way to project leverage with forms right now, so if we decide it's important to do that we can do it another way or I can just give Hoffman 1.8, Hawkins and Coffey 1.2, and so on.

Thanks again for the participation. This wraps up the part of the community projections that requires input. I'll post a big summary of all the players by next weekend, and eventually get a big summary with a projected wins total based on all of our projections.