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Game Thread -26: Brewers at Reds; Athletics at Brewers

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It's a fabulous day! Let's play the same time! The Brewers go play the Reds in Goodyear, while the Athletics head over to Maryvale. Game time for both is 1405 (2:05 Central for those of us who don't operate in 24h time.)

Your lineups (for both teams) and other etc. after the jump.

Brewers @ Reds (Gameday)

Brewers lineup

Gerut LF
Inglett 2B
Hart RF
Edmonds CF
McGehee 3B
Wilson 1B
Treanor C
Cruz SS
Narveson P

Reds lineup (via official Reds Twitter)

Dickerson CF
Cabrera SS
Votto 1B
Rolen 3B
Gomes LF
Balentien RF
Valaika 2B
Hanigan C
Nix DH

Johnny Cueto will be starting, followed by Nick Masset, Daniel Ray Herrera, Jared Burton, Enerio Del Rosario, Pedro Viola and Logan Ondrusek (per John Fay.)

Athletics @ Brewers (Gameday)

A's lineup (via Susan Slusser @ the SF Chronicle and the official A's Twitter)

E Patterson CF
M Ellis 2B
R Sweeney RF
K Kouzmanoff 3B
D Barton 1B
A Rosales SS
T Buck LF
L Powell C
D Braden P (~3 IP)

Brewers lineup

Weeks 2B
Escobar SS
Braun LF
Fielder 1B
Gomez CF
Kottaras C
Heether 3B
Stern RF
Wolf P

I couldn't find the rest of the Brewers or A's scheduled pitchers; if you know, throw the list in the comments.