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Reds 3, Brewers 1/Athletics 7, Brewers 3

There were 2 losses for today in a split-squad, largely medialess adventure.

Cincinnati 3, Milwaukee 1

W: Jared Burton (1-0)
L: Chris Capuano (1-1)
S: Logan Ondrusek (1)

Despite the loss, it looks like the pitching had a good day out there. Chris Narveson started and threw 3 innings of one-hit ball, walking 1 and striking out 3. He hasn't given up a run yet this spring. Chris Capuano's comeback is going well too, despite giving up two runs today in 2.1 innings. He walked 2 and gave up 3 hits, including a home run. Mark Rogers pitched 2 innings, giving up 1 run (unearned,) striking out 3 and walking 2. He did, on the other hand, have 3 wild pitches. I made a remark in the game thread that came out more disparaging than I had intended about the pitchers today being bumblebees in that the miracle is that they can fly at all. Capuano and Rogers have come back from injuries that have ended the careers of many other pitchers. The levels of hitters they respectively faced today are what they should expect to be facing when they start the season in the minors this year and the results have been encouraging.

The Brewers' only run was scored by Lorenzo Cain, pinch-running for Jody Gerut. He advanced by a Joe Inglett bunt and scored on a double play. They had 7 hits and 4 walks but were unable to convert baserunners into runs.

Oakland 7, Milwaukee 3

W: Jason Jennings (1-0)
L: Amaury Rivas (0-1)

On the other hand, I hope that the Brewers pitchers are working on something because they weren't as good as one would like today against Oakland. Randy Wolf threw the first three innings, not giving up any runs and striking out 4. He did, on the other hand, walk 2. Kameron Loe gave up 2 runs, one on a solo homer to , but struck out 2 and didn't walk any. After that, the A's deluged the Brewers pitching, scoring 2 runs off of Amaury Rivas in his one inning of work and 3 runs off LaTroy Hawkins on a home run by Michael Taylor.

The bats were somewhat more awake and efficient in this game. Ryan Braun hit a two-run home run off Dallas Braden in the 1st inning and Adam Stern had a good day, going 2 for 3 and batting in Milwaukee's other run. Their 8 hits and 2 walks went to use.