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BCB Fantasy League Update

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Firstly, allow me to remind all y'all that you can get a (normally) $180 Fantasy Commissioner League for the low, low price of just $90.  It has won a whole ton of awards, and is super-customizable.  All you have to do is click this extra-long, unnecessarily long-winded, why-am-I-putting-so-many-words-into-it link.  To be completely honest with everyone, I also get a small kickback for anyone who signs up through that link, so in addition to getting an award-winning fantasy league cheap you will also be getting the chance to help a poor, hungry college student.  I am also open to people randomly just sending me cash, just in case anyone was wondering.

Anyways, actual Brew Crew Ball Fantasy League updates and rosters and questions and general discussion after the jump:

Hello and welcome to after the jump.

First things first, here are the rosters as they stand now for our two leagues:

In the Yahoo! Weekday Drafting Division (Draft tentatively set for Wed, March 31 @ 6:30):
BrewCrewShrew (Reigning Champion)
Michael M
Charlie Marlow

And in the Weekend Drafting Division (Draft tentatively set for Sunday, March 28 @ 6):
Sammy P
Dikembe Meiztombo
Yar Nivek
Shane Miller

I also have a team in the weekday league, just so it is easier for me to keep track of points for occasional update posts throughout the season.  I won't be drafting to win in that league, obviously, instead counting on my team of Luis Cruz's to get me to last place. 

Also, is there anyone in the weekday league who would prefer/not mind switching to the weekend drafters?  tcyoung is looking to switch over to the weekday league, but we need to keep the amount of teams even.

Next, for the Weekend Drafters:  I'm not really used to league, and am still getting the hang of it.  But what it looks like is I am going to need to enter team names for everyone in manually, rather than you guys being able to put them in yourselves.  Which seems odd.  But either way, if you all wouldn't mind either commenting here, e-mailing me, or putting on the league message board what you would like your team name to be, I will enter that promptly so we don't just have Team1, Team2, Team3, etc.

The leagues are both going to be rotisserie, with six stats for each player-type:  HR, RBI, AVG, OPS, SB, Runs for hitters and ERA, WHIP, K's, Wins, BB's, Saves for pitchers.  At some point I am going to get it figured out so both leagues have the same roster types as well (same amount of SP, UT, RP, C, bench, etc), though right now I was thinking for sure 25 man rosters.  Any thoughts on any of this, complaints, advice, whatever, feel free to comment.

Also, one of the teams on the Yahoo! side hasn't signed up yet.  I think that it is the brouhaha.  Whoever it is, let me know if you need the invitation e-mail resent, or what.

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