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Brewers 12, Cubs 3 Postgame thread

Yeah, so, nobody has been around to write any post-game recap, and I was driving back home from Madison for the last couple hours, thus the post-game thread is just a teensy bit late. 

Since I was watching the Badgers shoot as well as the bad guys in James Bond films, I have no idea what happened.  BUT I am going to peruse the boxscore and inform you on what certainties we know coming out of today:

  • The Brewers are going to sweep the Cubs in the season series
  • Alcides Escobar is going to win Rookie of the Year, and is a far superior prospect to Fidel Starlin Castro
  • Jim Edmonds will be Comeback Player of the Year
  • Ryan Braun really sucks, we should trade him now, maybe for Tyler Colvin
  • Triple-G is going to be the bestest catcher in the whole wide National League
  • Alfonso Soriano is a waste of money.