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Gamethread #-23: Rockies (6-5) @ Brewers (4-6); Brewers @ White Sox (4-4)

Today we get a double dose of Brewers fun after our beloved Brewers crushed the Cubs is what was a key win for the Crews chances this season.  Next up to go down:  The Colorado Rockies and The Chicago White Sox

Hie thee yonder past the jump, ye wandering soul, for pitching notes, lineups, and wonderful discussion about today's game!

For the Brewers today, Manny Parra (11-11, 6.36 ERA in 2009) and Dave Bush (5-9, 6.38 ERA) will be starting against the Rockies and White Sox, respectively.  This is sort of a big day for both of them as, along with one of the most overpaid players in baseball, they are in competition to win one of two remaining spots in the Brewers starting rotation.  Neither one of them pitched extremely well in their first spring training games, though Bush allowed only one run and Parra didn't give up any.

And here are the Brewers lineups today:

Against White Sox Against Rockies
Gomez (8) Weeks (4)
Inglett (4) Escobar (6)
Braun (7) Gerut (8)
Edmonds (9) Fielder (3)
McGehee (5) Hart (9)
Zaun (DH) Diety (5)
Kottaras (2) Oeltjen (7)
Wilson (3) Treanor (2)
Luis Cruz (6) Parra (1)


Good news!  Gerut is in CF and Edmonds is in RF!  Bad news: They aren't in the same game.
And originally Iribarren was supposed to start against the White Sox. Luis Cruz replaced him