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Gamethread #-21: Brewers (6-6) @ Giants (9-3)

Today the Brewers are on the road visiting the San Francisco Giants.  Milwaukee has been riding a nice three game winning streak in which the bats have really taken off.  The Brewers have scored 26 runs combined against the Cubs, Rockies, and White Sox.  They'll be going up against Jonathon Sanchez today, who so far has been having a pretty good spring.

Lineup, today's pitchers, and discussion after the jump.  So click "continue reading this post" and let's get started!

Jeff Suppan (Really, really bad in 2009) gets the start today, trying to keep up with his competition for a spot in the starting rotation.  Both Dave Bush and Manny Parra pitched yesterday, with excellent results.  Both pitched four innings, giving up only one run each and striking out four and three, respectively.  Jeff Suppan might be a step behind them at this point as he's sporting a 5.40 ERA in 5 innings with four K's.  He should get four innings today to try to catch up

Jonathon Sanchez (8-12, 4.24 ERA in 2009) has yet to give up a run in spring training.  He has had a tendency to allow plenty of baserunners (9 in five innings).  However he has also struck out 8 batters as well, which is a good way to get out of any jams that he may have gotten himself into.

Here's the Brewers lineup today, courtesy of brewercom twitter:
Gomez (8)
Counsell (4)
Cain (9)
McGehee (5)
Zaun (2)
Stern (7)
Wilson (3)
Inglett (6)
Suppan (1)