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Brewers 10 , Giants 8 postgame thread

W: Jeff Suppan
L: Jonathan Sanchez


The Giants' starter today, Jonathan Sanchez had yet to let a run in Spring Training but gave up three hits and five walks to put six runs on the board before he was pulled in the third.

Jeff Suppan gave up seven hits, four of which were home runs, in four innings. Sounds like he's lucky he didn't give up more home runs as many of his outs were long fly balls.

Joe Inglett, Steffan Wilson, Gregg Zaun and Matt Treanor each had two RBI.

Bob Costas joined Uecker and Corey in the booth about the 5th inning, rendering the rest of the game virtually unlistenable as story after story was told and Coasts gave play by play without actually giving anyone's name.

Mitch Stetter came in to pitch in the 7th and struggled, loading the bases and giving up four runs before he was pulled with two outs. Chris Smith came in and used the fake to third to pick Buster Posey off at first to end the inning.