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Gamethread #-20: Indians (5-2) at Brewers (7-6)

Yahoo! Another spring game on FSWisconsin! Watch today as former prospects Matt LaPorta and Michael Brantley take on the Brewers at Maryvale.

Follow the jump for a treasure chest full of goodies!

Or maybe just the lineups and pitching matchups.

Yovani Gallardo (13-12, 3.73 ERA in 2009) starts for the Crew today hoping to bounce back from a bit of a rough outing last time out. Yo has given up only three runs this spring but they all came in the first inning of last Wednesday's game in the form of a three-run homer. This is Gallardo's fourth start so look to for him to pitch about four innings.

He'll be taking on lefty David Huff (11-8, 5.61 ERA in 2009). Huff was the Indians' first round pick in the 2006 draft and had a pretty good minor league career. However he spent the majority of last year with the big league club and the results weren't all together positive. So far in spring action he has a 1.80 ERA.

Today's lineups:

Weeks  2B
Escobar  SS
Braun  LF
Fielder  1B
Edmonds  CF
Zaun  C
Hart  RF
Heether  3B
Gallardo  RHP

And the Indians:
Brantley  CF
Valbuena  2B
LaPorta  1B 
Kearns  RF
Chisenhall  3B
Redmond  C
Rodriguez  SS
Gimenez  LF
Huff  LHP

Go Brewers!