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Brewers 5, Reds 2

W: Kameron Loe
L: Kip Wells

I'll be honest: I missed most of today's game in an ill-fated attempt to cook Irish food. Based on the bits of the game I heard and the box score, though, here's what I know:

  • Rickie Weeks led off the game with a home run off Aroldis Chapman, the only hit Chapman allowed in three innings of work. Weeks drew walks in his other two plate appearances, posting a 5.000 OPS on the day.
  • Doug Davis also had a solid day, posting four shutout innings with three hits, a walk and three strikeouts.
  • Angel Salome, who had previously been reported as out for a few days with an ankle strain, made a pinch hit appearance and grounded out.
  • Adam Stern hit his first home run of the spring in the 7th to stretch the Brewer lead to 5-1.
I probably should have watched the game. My Guinness Stew wasn't worth the effort.