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Game Thread #-16: Brewers (10-6) at Rangers (5-8) night? What? Game time is 8:05 for this contest as the Brewers head off to Surprise to do battle with the Rangers. (I could have made that punnier, but I had to resist.)

Lineups and notes after the jump....

Manny Parra is scheduled to start for the Brewers and Tommy Hunter is scheduled to start for the Rangers tonight. There was a B-game at 2:30 this afternoon featuring some of the major-league players, including Dave Bush. As seen in this FanShot, Mat Gamel has a torn latissimus dorsi muscle and will be out six weeks. All the Rangers' minorly dinged-up players appear good to go for today.

Lineups, via Fort Worth Star-Telegram baseball blog:

Brewers Rangers
Weeks 2B Borbon CF
Gomez CF Young 3B
McGehee 3B Hamilton LF
Zaun DH Guerrero DH
Hart RF Murphy RF
Gerut LF Davis 1B
Wilson 1B Arias 2B
Lucroy C Teagarden C
Cruz SS Andrus SS

If you're outside Milwaukee and the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and enjoy delays, the game will be on MLB Network at 10PM.

If you're unable to follow it anywhere, have a Gameday link.