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The Tale of the Tape: Getting Derrick Turnbow one last win

As you've likely heard, former Brewer Derrick Turnbow's career hit a major bump in the road this week, as Turnbow was released by the Marlins after experiencing pain in his shoulder during a game on Tuesday. Turnbow hasn't pitched in a Brewer uniform since April of 2008, but he will likely always be a cult hero in Milwaukee for his 2005 season, when he came out of nowhere to tie a Brewer record with 39 saves, while posting a 1.74 ERA.

Let's review what we know about Turnbow: He was wild, a little unpredictable, and a cult hero. Is it just me, or is this exactly the kind of guy you'd compare to an American Gladiator?

Fortunately, there's a Gladiator perfectly suited for the task at hand:



Ladies and gentlemen, let's check the Tale of the Tape:

Turnbow Turbo
Thomas Derrick Turnbow Real name Galen Tomlinson
Milwaukee Brewer, 2005-2008 Claim to fame American Gladiator, 1990-1996
Ninth inning Best Event Hang Tough
Tie: Adam Dunn and Bobbleheads Arch-nemesis Kyler Storm
"That wild guy" Known as "the best athlete on the team"
Not many. (Thanks, MLB!) Videos on Youtube Roughly a day's worth.
October 2002 Known positive steroid tests None. (You're thinking of Nitro)
Rehabbing free agent pitcher Current job Girls volleyball coach