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Community Projections: Center Field

On to the next one, we come to the centerfielders who replace Mike Cameron. Carlos Gomez is expected to get most of the playing time there, and he has struggled as a hitter so far in his career. Here's his Fangraphs page and the relevant projections. CHONE is surprisingly optimistic, I think everyone would be pleased with that type of output.

CHONE: .267/.329/.390

ZiPS: .250/.308/.369

Jody Gerut seems to be pretty underrated in the Brewer fan base, he's been a quality hitter in his career who had a rough year, and his extended slump after joining the Brewers did little to help his cause. Jody's Fangraphs page is here, and his projections are below.

CHONE: .267/.328/.443

ZiPS: .267/.321/.443

Strangely similar projections from the two systems. The form is after the jump like usual, please pay attention to the formatting instructions. I have boxes for playing time for just Gerut and Gomez. I can see the argument for Edmonds playing some there, but I'll leave him out of it because if he makes the team I would think almost all of his action would be in right or at first base. If you really want to allocate some playing time for him throw it in the other box.