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The Tale of the Tape: Shouse v. House

Like most of my clearly ill conceived notions, I'm giving this one a second chance. Last week, Derrick Turnbow snuck out a 60/40 victory over American Gladiator Turbo. This week, we'll pit another recently released former Brewer against an arbitrarily selected pop culture reference.

Brian Shouse turned 41 in September, and was released by the Red Sox this week, meaning it may very well be the end of the line for him. Shouse appeared in 201 games as a Brewer between 2006 and 2008, putting him in a tie for 20th place on the Brewers' all time games pitched list. He was primarily a lefty specialist, but did have one awesome three inning save against the Twins in 2007.

His opponent: House. To the tale of the tape!

Shouse House
Formerly employed by Mark Attanasio Attanasio connection Created by Paul Attanasio
Ten major league seasons (3 in Milwaukee) Tenure Six seasons on Fox
Retiring lefties: Career .213/.262/.330 line against Strength Finding solutions to bizarre illnesses with questionable medical tactics.
Righties hit .312/.395/.468 against him Weakness Vicodin.
Didn't get significant playing time in the majors until age 34. Other weakness Diagnoses every patient with lupus.
Fourth oldest player in the AL in 2009 Recent accomplishment Most watched television program in the world in 2008.
This incomparable work, from the Brian Shouse Fan Club Fan art This, which actually isn't bad either.
Left Milwaukee as a free agent following 2008 season Downfall Went to rehab to end Season 5

All House facts were found via the Wikipedia link above.