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Gamethread #-8: Rangers (6-15) @ Brewers (12-11)

Today, the revolution will be televised.  FSN will be showing Randy Wolf taking on CJ Wilson and the Texas Rangers with first pitch scheduled for 3:05 CT.

Join us for Brewers conversation as this will be the final game on TV until opening day.  Pitchers and lineup after the jump.

Randy Wolf:  Has nothing in particular to pitch for.  He has already made the team from the moment he put his name on the contract and Spring Training means nothing for him except stretching out his arm.  For what it's worth, so far he has pitched well this spring, with 8 strikeouts in 10 innings and a 1.80 ERA.

CJ Wilson:  He does have a higher ERA this spring at 4.50, but don't let that fool you--so far he has been able to put up a 0.86 WHIP in 14 innings, with 10 strikeouts.  The Rangers Official Site depth chart lists him as being in the bullpen, but he has made three starts so far this year.

Brewers Lineup:

Weeks 2b
Gomez cf
McGehee 3b
Fielder 1b
Zaun c
Hart rf
Edmonds lf
Escobar ss
Wolf lhp