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Brewers 3, Rangers 1

Here is my key observation about this game:  When I see off-season pickups Randy Wolf and Carlos Gomez, I'm always surprised by their appearance because in my mind they look much different.  Carlos Gomez is a lot more solidly built than I always imagine him as being.  I think of him as a shorter, latin version of Craig Counsell. In Randy Wolfs case, I definitely do not picture him as having blond hair.  I also imagine him as looking more wrinkled and chubbier. 

Anyway, about the actual game.  Prince Fielder accounted for most of the Brewers offense, as he blasted a two run homer to left centerfield in the 6th inning--his first of the spring.  One of my favorite prospects, Taylor Green, drove in the other Brewers run.  Randy Wolf pitched well, with 7 k's and only one hit in 6 innings.  Latroy Hawkins, Claudio Vargas and Zach Braddock pitched the 7th, 8th and 9th, respectively.  Hawkins gave up the Rangers only run.