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The Weekend Mug

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Some things to read while trying to solve a problem.

We're just over a week away from opening day, there are only seven spring training games left, and we are one step closer to finding out the Brewers final roster as Dave Bush was officially named the fourth starter.  That, of course, leaves Manny Parra, Jeff Suppan, and Chris Narveson to fight for the final starting spot.  I wouldn't be surprised if whoever wins that battle goes into the season with a pretty short leash and is taken out if they struggle at the onset of the season.  Mike Hunt chooses to be pessimistic as to how the back of the rotation will perform.  All three of the pitchers are scheduled to pitch Tuesday.

Bob Uecker was officially inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE's Hall of Fame on Saturday.  I don't know very much about wrestling, but Tom Haudricourt seems to be somewhat knowledgeable and attended the ceremonies,  while tweeting about the proceedings.

Two transactions notes for the Brewers:  Jonathon Lucroy was optioned to AA where he will start at Catcher and Luis Cruz was sent to AAA where he will start at shortstop.

Baseball by Paul has divided pitchers into several different echelons, with several Brewers getting mentions.  Beginning with their sixth part, they are counting down the top 119 pitchers in the Major Leagues.  In the count down thus far, Doug Davis ranked #109, Dave Bush is #90, and Randy Wolf is #53.  The only Brewers pitcher left I expect to see on the list is Yovani Gallardo.

Speaking of Gallardo, John Sickels at Minor League Ball took a look at the young ace in a Not A Rookie column.  Sickels also wrote one for YoGa in 2008. 

I've got a whole bunch of little pieces that I don't really have much to say about:

  • Brew Town Beat looks at the Brewers infield, with a player by player analysis.
  • Ryan Braun isn't playing this weekend due to lower back tightness, but would play if it were the regular season.
  • Braun did do an interview with WSSP in Milwaukee, saying that he has no regrets about signing a long term contract with the Crew. (h/t Brewerfan)
  • In their "Players, A to Z" series, Baseball Musings profiles Carlos Gomez.
  • Yahoo! Sports has a fluff piece on Jim Edmonds return to baseball.  There is one interesting quote in that: "Whatever the route (and he believes owners’ collusion can’t be entirely dismissed), it’s put Edmonds here".  I don't know what they would be colluding against.

Injury news around the Majors:
Dodgers:  Reliever Hong-Chih Kuo will likely start the season on the DL
Tigers: Pitchers Bobby Seay and Zach Miner will both start the year on the 15 day DL

Some great Cubs related news:  Bud Selig says that the proposed tax that would increase ticket prices for Arizona spring training games to help fund a new stadium for Chicago is "dead".  Also, the Cubs are doing every other Major League baseball team a favor and are putting Carlos Silva in the starting rotation.  That makes me very happy.

For you sporcle lovers (roguejim, I'm looking at you), SBNations Jon Bois made a quiz asking for teams top 5 most used starting pitchers for the decade from 2000-2009.  Here is the direct link to the quiz.  Feel free to post your score in the comments.  I'm waiting to take it when I'm more awake.

If you have time on your hands and want to feel better about yourself, you can always watch the movie "Fantasyland" for free online.  I haven't watched it yet, but several blogs have had posts about it and the general consensus is that this is a pretty depressing movie about just how far one man goes to win his fantasy baseball league.

Posters here and elsewhere on the internet often cite UZR as a statistic to identify how good a player is defensively.  If you aren't really sure what it is, or want to know more about it, Nationals blog Federal Baseball gives an in-depth look at the statistic that is worth reading.

That's all I've got today, unless you want to feel even more insignificant.