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Community Projections Summary

Right to the news.


Gregg Zaun: .249/.333/.383, 64% of playing time

Other: 36% of playing time

First Base

Prince Fielder: .295/.398/.586, 98% of playing time

Other: 2% of playing time

Second Base

Rickie Weeks: .266/.355/.451, 77% of playing time

Joe Inglett: .269/.334/.380, 7% of playing time

Craig Counsell: (below), 13% of playing time

Other: 3% of playing time

Third Base

Casey McGehee: .274/.334/.427, 62% of playing time

Mat Gamel: .271/.335/.436, 26% of playing time

Craig Counsell: (below), 9% of playing time

Other: 3% of playing time


Alcides Escobar: .282/.331/.380, 82% of playing time

Craig Counsell: .261/.344/.362, 15% of playing time

Other: 3% of playing time

Left Field

Ryan Braun: .314/.381/.575, 96% of playing time

Other: 4% of playing time

Center Field

Carlos Gomez: .255/.314/.373, 70% of playing time

Jody Gerut: .270/.333/.428, 23% of playing time

Jim Edmonds, (below), 7% of playing time

Right Field

Corey Hart: .276/.329/.457, 80% of playing time

Jim Edmonds: .250/.327/.432, 10% of playing time

Jody Gerut: (above), 10% of playing time

Starting Pitchers

Yovani Gallardo: 3.45, 200 innings

Randy Wolf: 4.05, 192 innings

Doug Davis: 4.38, 193 innings

Dave Bush: 4.48, 157 innings

Manny Parra: 4.44, 155 innings

Jeff Suppan: 5.16, 99 innings

Relief Pitchers

Trevor Hoffman: 2.65, 56 innings

Latroy Hawkins: 3.51, 69 innings

Todd Coffey: 3.75, 75 innings

Claudio Vargas: 3.9, 64 innings

Mitch Stetter: 3.33, 50 innings

Chris Narveson: 4.39, 64 innings

Carlos Villanueva: 4.15, 60 innings

I don't know if there's a whole lot I can add to that information. Overall, it's interesting stuff. If I had to make a few observations:

  • I think we overestimated the starting pitching somewhat. I could easily see each pitcher putting up the line they are projected for, but the average starting pitcher ERA is around 4.45 and having five pitchers better than average seems unlikely. I'm cautiously optimistic for this pitching staff, which I think is quite underrated nationally.
  • This is a fantastic bullpen. There's depth, specialists, durability, just about everything. I would be comfortable with any of the listed pitchers throwing in the eighth or ninth inning with a lead.
  • The hitter's projections look to be very realistic. There's good balance. Center field and third base might interest me the most, considering that the backup in each case is projected to be a better hitter than the starter. Defense offsets much of that, but we will have interesting playing time allocation issues throughout this season.
  • I am not going to list the finalized defense projections here today. This is more of the documented projected lines post to go back and look at throughout the year. I'll try to formulate a projected wins total based on these projections with the addition of defense.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the project, there was a lot of response. We even had over 100 submitted projections for some of the players. I'd take my chances that these projections are nearly as accurate as CHONE or other reliable systems.