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Community Projections: Right Field

I've decided I'm going to average the rest of the position players at one time and put them in one post. So we'll just finish them up today with the right fielders. I'll ask for projections for Corey Hart and Jim Edmonds.

Corey Hart (Fangraphs page) is the starter. I don't have a whole lot to say about him other than what has already been established. Hopefully he finds a good tradeoff between plate discipline and power this season. 

CHONE: .271/.333/.456

ZiPS: .263/.323/.453

The first thing I suggest you decide is if Jim Edmonds will make the team. If not, you don't need to enter anything in his boxes, just leave them blank please (no zeroes). CHONE doesn't project him because he didn't play last season, and ZiPS says .225/.327/.422. His Fangraphs page will give a more full picture of what he's done the past few years, and a simple Marcel projection can be found there as well.