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Prediction Week: Results from our Community NL Central Prediction

Thanks to everyone that participated in our Brew Crew Ball division predictions. All told, we got 178 predictions. After eliminating five unrealistic predictions (any prediction with a team winning less than 55 or more than 110 was wiped out), we had a sample size of 173 entrants. Here are our predicted NL Central standings:

Team Avg W Avg Finish
Cardinals 89.6 1.35
Brewers 86.1 2
Cubs 80.2 3.3
Reds 77.0 4
Astros 71.0 5.1
Pirates 67.3 5.75


All told, I'm pretty happy with these results. This is a pretty fair approximation of my expectations for the division this season.

Other questions of note:

Will the NL Wild Card come from the NL Central?

Response Vote
Yes 51%
No 49%


Who will be the Brewers Most Valuable Player in 2010?

Player Vote
Ryan Braun 48%
Prince Fielder 31%
Rickie Weeks 9%
Yovani Gallardo 8%
Randy Wolf 2%
Other 1%


Which Brewer's performance is most critical to the team's success in 2010?

Player Vote
Rickie Weeks 28%
Randy Wolf 16%
Yovani Gallardo 15%
Manny Parra 8%
Carlos Gomez 6%
Alcides Escobar 4%
Prince Fielder 4%
Corey Hart 4%
Dave Bush 4%
Trevor Hoffman 3%
Doug Davis 2%
Ryan Braun 2%
Gregg Zaun 1%
Casey McGehee 1%
Chris Narveson 1%
Jeff Suppan 1%
Other 1%