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Community Projections: Defense

Because I haven't seen a better approach to this than what we did last year, we are going to do it the same way again. I'm going to list the CHONE projections for defense per 150 games, and people can give individual ideas about who we should move up or down or just throw an entirely new set out there. I'll be home around 7:00, so I'll contribute my ideas then but I'd like for everyone who cares to help to get some ideas out there before I return.

Ideally we come up with a set of projections we can work with. I know there won't be a consensus, but I think we can work this down to a pretty good idea of what we're going to project.

The resources here are the Fangraphs defense stats (those are only last year, search for another player in the top right corner or click on the name of a player who was on the team last year). The UZR/150 category is the relevant one here. The CHONE projections are at

If anyone is unfamiliar with the units, it's runs the player saved compared to average at that position. We are not dealing with positional adjustments here, just comparing each player to others at the same position. A +10 or above defender is usually extremely good, and a -10 or below defender is extremely bad, with 0 being average. 

With that here's the list, and don't be afraid to speak up and state your opinion. We need a lot of contribution here. There are quite a few I think we should change. Also note that centerfield and corner outfield projections are on a different scale, so Gerut might project as a +5 corner outfielder. Where I write "none" we need to come up with a number because CHONE is only projecting players at one position this year.


Gregg Zaun -2

George Kottaras -14

Matt Treanor -3


1B Prince Fielder -3

2B Rickie Weeks -7

2B Craig Counsell 8

2B Joe Inglett None

SS Alcides Escobar +1

SS Craig Counsell None

3B Casey McGehee -4

3B Mat Gamel -12

3B Craig Counsell None


CF Carlos Gomez +13

CF Jody Gerut +1

OF Ryan Braun -5

OF Corey Hart 3

OF Jim Edmonds -1

OF Jody Gerut None