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Weekend Mug 3/7

Good Morning! -- Here is something to read, while you enjoy Soviet vocalization techniques in the background.

Yesterday, the Brewers split a couple of games, crushing the Giants 12-1, and losing an 8-6 match to the Rockies. The Giants, stretched thin, did all sorts of crazy things, like having pitchers play in the field, and pinch-hit. They even let BY Kim pitch!

Probably the best news from the Brewers games yesterday, was the encouraging return performance from Chris Capuano. While it is important to remember that Cappy only pitched a couple of innings yesterday, not every former Brewer pitcher trying to win a MLB job, did as well. (*cough*Gagne /*cough*).

If Capuano were able to make the Brewers 2010 rotation, there would be the potential for a lot of LHP starts. In case you were wondering:

  • The MLB record for the most LHP to start a game for a team in a season is 8, most recently done by the SF Giants in 1989 (Dennis Cook, Dave Dravecky, Atlee Hammaker, Bob Knepper, Terry Mulholland, Joe Price, Russ Swan, Trevor Wilson)
  • The most LHPs the Brewers have used to start a game in a season is 5. This happened in 4 seasons 2006 (Chris Capuano, Doug Davis, Dana Eveland, Zach Jackson, Jorge de la Rosa), 2003 (Doug Davis, Matt Ford, Wayne Franklin, Luis Martinez, Glendon Rusch), 1990 (Kevin Brown, Teddy Higuera, Bill Krueger, Paul Mirabella, Dennis Powell), and 1980 (Jerry Augustine, Mike Caldwell, Dave LaPoint, Bob McClure, Bill Travers)
  • The most LHP starts made by a MLB team in a season is 127, done by the 1983 Yankees. (Guidry, Rawley, Righetti, and others.)
  • The most LHP starts made by the Brewers in a season is 92, done in 1978 (Caldwell, Augustine, Travers)

LaTroy Hawkins and David Riske spent some time this week in the Angels camp, to help Torii Hunter play a prank on Bobby Abreu. Apparently the Angels wanted to send a message to Abreu about his ball-handling via two Brewer relievers and the Harlem Globetrotters. Hilarity ensued.

In other spring training news...

I have been absolutely delighted by the Twittering of Ozzie Guillen this spring. If you haven't been keeping up with Ozzie and his BBQs, here is a sample of what you have been missing.

  • Where is my guy arsenio hall my favorite show in the 80s 
  • Our bus driver have a lot problems leaving the park 
  • Thanks andruw for showing up to the bbq we will wait for u manana. Hahaha yea right
  • Eating my favorite food suchi nice palys sakana suchi and grill tell then iam send you hear lol yessss 
  • Happy Anniversary to my wife and me its been 27 years wow cant believe she has stuck with my shit this long..hahah
  • They stole 2 GPS from our garage wtf? I thought venezuela was dangerous wow.. Glendale wow
  • mlb network guys awesome job..Harold R...can't have twitter account bc no one follow u lol

Good stuff. Of course the most amusing aspect of Ozzie's twittering tales, is the idea that the White Sox are concerned that Ozzie will say or do something to embarrass them -- as that train may have left the station a few years ago. That said, I am undeniably jealous that the White Sox have a manager that tweets, and the Brewers don't. The question should be asked by Brewer fans: "What would Ken Macha's tweets be like?" Perhaps like this?

  • Went to the Perkins after the game today. Got my creamed corn on!
  • The guy with the tattoos hit a home-run today. I think he may have served in the Navy. I bet he listens to the heavy metal.
  • Ed Sedar keeps drinking my Cran-grape in the clubhouse, or maybe it was Don Money. Bill Castro never drank my cran-grape.
  • The fat guy got a hit the other day, he looked tired, so I sent a skinny guy in to run for him. The fat guy sent the skinny guy back, wtf!?!? No worries, I sent the skinny guy in later for the chunky guy.
  • The UHF in Arizona doesn't work.
  • I miss Murder She Wrote. I can't find it on the Youtube.
  • Rick Peterson needs a haircut. This is baseball, not Woodstock.

That's all I got for today -- I am out of here, walking it out like Buzz Williams.