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Game Thread #-29: Brewers (1-3) vs. Mariners (2-2)

No only do we get a game today, we get it on TV too (if you have access to FSWisconsin)!

Assuming it has stopped raining and the fields are dry, Manny Parra and the Brewers will be taking on Doug Fister and the Mariners at Maryvale.

Follow the jump for more on today's pitching matchup, starting lineup, and conversation on today's game!

Starting for the Mariners today will be righty Doug Fister (3-4, 4.13 ERA in 2009). The Mariners 2006 7th round pick, Fister has bounced between starting and relieving during his career and is fighting to be the fifth starter in the M's rotation.

He'll be facing Manny Parra (11-11, 6.36 ERA in 2009), who will be making his official spring debut. Brewers starters have yet to give up an earned run in spring training and Parra will hope to continue that trend. Manny is also hoping to make the starting rotation, so there's not much room for mistakes.

Today's lineup, courtesy of someone who thinks I'm a trollop.

Rickie Weeks (aka Hurt Guy)   2B
Carlos Gomez (aka Fast Guy)  CF
Ryan Braun (aka T-shirt Guy)   LF
Prince Fielder (aka Fat Guy)   1B
Casey McGehee (aka Chunky McGee)   DH
Corey Hart (aka Guy with tattoos)   RF
Mat Gamel (aka Benched Guy)   3B
Gregg Zaun (aka Catcher)   C
Alcides Escobar (aka Not JJ)   SS