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3/9 Frosty Mug: Strange Brew 2 - Electric Boogaloo

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Damn that photo is ripe for a caption.......have at it in the comments.

Something to read while you and your drinking buddies sing Savage Garden to your significant other.

Dan Walsh here, filling in for Kyle today and tomorrow. This is the second time I've filled in for Kyle, the first time I did we talked about pizza. I use to write the Daily Drink over at the now-defunct, which has now become The Fan Cave. Lately, I've been posting over at Rubie's blog Quevedo at the Buffet talking Marquette Basketball. You can find me under the name Admiral Ackbar, S.J.

For those who Tweet, you can follow me @SportsBubbler

First off, I apologize for the brevity of today's post. My 10 month old daughter decided to recreate Linda Blair's famous scene from The Exorcist this morning and that kept me from writing as much as I would have liked.

It's raining again today in AZ, who knows if they'll actually play a game.

Yesterday, we got the Brewers on TV for the first time during Spring Training. Both Parra and Bush did a fine job and nothing was really decided on the rotation. If you believe what we've been told, they're battling for the final spot in the rotation. But unless Parra has an absolute meltdown, Bush is going to be the odd man out.

Gamel still appears to be bothered by a bum shoulder.

Tom Haudricourt has his story on Scott Schoenweis losing his wife last year to a drug overdose and how he's trying to keep his kids strong. How he is able to keep things going with his kids after losing their mother, is a feat all on its own. Adam McCalvy also has a story on Scott.

The Brewers made their first Spring Training cuts yesterday. Victims include Alex Periard, Eric Arnett and Kyle Heckathorn.

A-Dub says......ok really I'm not gonna link it, cause nobody cares what he writes.

Winks has some thoughts on the game.

The Man Who Combs His Hair With A Brick: Capuano tries to ELBOW his way in. (Get it? ugh)

Miller Park Drunk has your topic/discussion of the day. To Go or Not To Go: An Opening Day Conundrum. Me? I fall in the Not To Go. Why? (here's my attempt to not sound like Walt Kowalski) Opening day is amateur hour x30,000. I haven't gone in years. I used to work for KTI & 620WTMJ and we'd go out and have a major presence in the parking lots, but dealing with all the drunk listeners coming up to the booths was no fun. Maybe it was because I wasn't bombed out of my mind at 10am, but I couldn't take it. Listen, I enjoy a nice malted beverage like everyone else but I can control my beer intake. Most people use Opening Day as an excuse to get completely hammered. I have no desire to join in that behavior. How about you?

Ryan Braun is the next Joe DiMaggio? So says the Bleacher Report.

FanHouse warns Prince Fielder that Barry Zito WILL HAUNT YOUR DREAMS! Hopefully next year's Spring Training will start with Prince Fielder slowly stepping up to the plate, then charging Barry Zito for no reason and beating the crap out of him.

Drew Olson from OMC has a spring training preview with 10 Points to Ponder. A late move? Brewers GM Doug Melvin often talks about picking up a puzzle piece when teams are preparing to break camp. If another team has to cut a player late due to roster limitations or implications, Melvin could be ready to pounce and a player not in camp today could have an impact.

A kid from UWM named Jonathen Ede took a stab at the Brewers infielders and you can read it here. Although McGehee was brilliant in 2009, the jury is still out on him. He really never was great in the minor leagues. Good maybe, but not great. His .859 OPS literally came out of nowhere. It was his first .800 plus OPS in his professional career (including minors). Based on history alone, some regression is going to be expected.

Jim Gantner wants you to be healthy.

Mat Gamel's Wish List.

Young hearts be free tonight. Time is on your side,
Don't let them put you down, don't let 'em push you around,
don't let 'em ever change your point of view

Oh boy, former Milwaukee Brewer Jason Kendall made TMZ. Story includes the fact that Rod Stewart's son is hooking up with Kendall's soon-to-be-ex-wife Chantel.

Adderall? Wikipedia has all your answers.

Former Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan made a joke about the Mets. Perhaps showing the depth of his faith, Bishop yesterday told New York Mets fans to hold out hope.Asked how he kept his faith rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers, Dolan cracked: "Did you ever hear of St. Jude, the patron saint of impossible causes? Now we've got the Mets."

Happy Birthday to former Brewer Wayne Franklin.

Warning, the rest of this post is pop-culture and not related to baseball in anyway shape or form

I'm a card carrying member of the The Handsome Men's Club.

480,000 Facebook fans got Betty White on SNL.

Great news, you'll finally be able to see God, in 3D.

People were actually concerned for the whereabouts of Emilio Estevez?

As I used to do on the Daily Drink, we close with a music video. Since it's two days away, 311. They're also coming to Summerfest June 25th.