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Weekend Mug. Avoiding the sweep.

Here is something you can read while enjoying the sweep.

Today the Brewers will send Doug Davis to the bump to avoid getting swept by the Nationals. Davis is 0-1 and has a 12.27 ERA, he will be facing Jason Marquis who is 0-2 with a 12.97 ERA. Clearly the Brewers have the edge in this duel, and optimism should reign.

Ken Macha, in his attempt to slow down next weekend's tickets sales, has masterminded his newest pitching rotation, highlighted by Jeff Suppan and Davis starting next Friday's and Saturday's games against the Cubs.

The Brewers have allowed 19 HRs in 11 games, the most in their history. In 1999 and 2001, the Brewers allowed 17 HRs in 10 games. Of course the difference was in 1999 and 2001 the Brewers were not going to win more than 74 games.

Last night the Mets beat the Cardinals 2-1 in 20 innings. Neither team had scored until the 19th inning, when both teams erupted for a combined 2 runs, sending the game into the 20th inning at 1-1. In the 20th, the Mets scored the winning run off of CF Jamie Mather. Here are some interesting tidbits about MLB games that went 20+ innings.

  • Only 64 games in the history of MLB have completed 20 innings. The Brewers have been involved in 2 such affairs. On May, 8th 1984, the Brewers and White Sox needed 25 innings to complete their contest. Harold Baines ended the game with a HR in the bottom of the 25th, in what remains the longest game (inning-wise) in AL history.
  • The Brewers also played in an 22 inning marathon with the Twins on May 12, 1972. This game is the second longest game in AL history, (among other with 2 other games). Shortstop Danny Thompson, did not reach base in 11 plate appearances, which tied an effort in futility set by some guy named Charlie Pick.
  • 19 innings of scoreless baseball is certainly a rare occurrence, however in 1968 the Mets and Astros went 23.5 innings before the Astros scored one run in the bottom of the 24th, in what would become the most drawn out 1-0 game in MLB history.
  • On August 23, 1989, future Brewer Rick Dempsy said "enough of this crap" and hit a HR in the top of the 22nd, breaking a 21 inning scoreless game between the Dodgers and the Expos. Current Brewer bench coach, and future suggested Ken Macha replacement, Willie Randolph played in this game for the Dodgers.
  • We may never know what would happen if Dusty Baker were to manage both teams in a MLB game simultaneously, however, a 20 inning 1-0 game between the A's and Angels in 1971 might be a good approximation. The A's and Angels used a combined seven pitchers to finish this game. Last night the Cards and Mets managed to burn through 19 pitchers. Angel starter Rudy May pitched 12 innings, A's starter Vida Blue countered with 11 of his own innings. Future HOF Brewer, Rollie Fingers would end up throwing seven innings for the A's in relief. Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa made an appearance in this game for the A's at SS.

One last note, former Brewer Felipe Lopez pitched a scoreless frame for the Cardinals last night. If the Brewer bullpen melts down today against the Nats, brace yourself for all sorts of comments suggesting that the Brewers should have offered Lopez arbitration to back-up Weeks at 2nd base, and be our 7th inning specialist.

Getting shut out by Livan Hernandez yesterday certainly stung, however the Braves fared worse, getting no-hit by Ubaldo Jimenez and the Rockies. Yesterday's gem was the first no-no thrown by a Rockies pitcher, and also the first by a dude named Ubaldo.

In other news around baseball:

  • Francisco Rodriguez claims to have thrown 100 pitches between the 9th and 19th inning warming up in the Mets bullpen last night, before getting into the game in the 20th.
  • SF Giant Aaron Rowand was put on the 15 day DL, after getting plunked by Vincente Padilla.
  • Mike Cameron passed a kidney stone. Ouch!
  • Kris Benson returns to the majors, this time with the Diamondbacks.
  • Russell Branyan, is "very close" to being activated.

That's all I got. Avoid the sweep!