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Friday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while changing the pattern of lights.

We're less than 12 hours away from the first baseball at Miller Park in 2010, as the Brewers host the Tigers in exhibition action tonight. If you're looking for something do to tonight, tickets are still available, and there are certainly worse ways to spend your money.

If you're planning on coming out to tonight's game, dress appropriately: Adam McCalvy says the Brewers are hoping to have the roof open.

Back in Arizona, the Brewers finished off the spring with another low note, as several pitchers got rocked in a 12-3 loss to the Diamondbacks. Randy Wolf hadn't allowed a home run all spring until he gave up four in four innings. He told Adam McCalvy that he threw six changeups yesterday, and three of them were taken deep.

It's been a rough spring for Corey Hart, and I don't think many fans will be too upset to see Jim Edmonds take some of his playing time in the early going. Miller Park Drunk, though, is taking the other side.

Meanwhile, Doug Melvin appears to be looking at alternatives. He refused comment on a report that he's beein in touch with Jermaine Dye, and has discussed a deal that would send Hart to the Nationals (FanShot). It's hard to tell how serious negotiations are or were, but the fact that Melvin didn't deny it likely means there's some truth to it.

At any rate, getting out of Arizona is a probably a good thing for all involved. Tom Haudricourt notes that the team has been a pretty flat for the last week of camp, and says we'll soon find out of the players were just burned out or if there's a more serious problem afoot.

Elsewhere in camp minutiae:

As noted in yesterday's Mug, yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the Brewers' move to Milwaukee. Jaymes Langrehr of Brewers Bar has a season-by-season look at the Brewers' 40 years in Milwaukee.

In a pretty cool tip of the cap to the Brewers' history, the team has invited Lew Krausse and Jerry McNertney, the first pitcher and catcher in Brewer history, to throw out and receive the first pitch on Opening Day Monday.

If you're not quite ready for the season, then you should check out the picture In-Between Hops has painted of a World Series Game Seven between the Twins and Brewers. I'm ready.

In the minors: If you're a Baseball America subscriber, you can read this story on Chuck Lofgren's fresh start with the Brewers. I'm not a subscriber.

In predictions, projections, previews and rankings:

Speaking of predictions, there's still time to enter the 2010 BCB Prediction Contest. As of this writing we're standing at 122 entries: I'll add another prize if we get to 200, and an additional prize for each 100 after that. You have until game time Monday to submit your entry.

I never know what to do with stuff like this: Wisconsin Sports Tap has Brewer April Fools Day fan fiction. I guess I'll pair it with this note: The Milwaukee Police would like to remind you to drink responsibly.

Around baseball:

Giants: Outfielder Fred Lewis is expected to open the season on the DL with a rib cage issue.
Orioles: Acquired infielder Julio Lugo from the Cardinals for a PTBNL or cash and released Chad Moeller.
Phillies: Joe Blanton will open the season on the DL with a strained oblique, and is expected to be out 3-6 weeks.
Rangers: Claimed first baseman Ryan Garko off waivers from the Mariners and sent a minor leaguer to the Giants in exchange for the right to retain Rule 5 pick Ben Snyder.
Rays: Outfielder Matt Joyce will open the season on the DL with an elbow strain.
Red Sox: Pitcher Junichi Tazawa will have Tommy John surgery and miss the entire 2010 season.
Royals: Catcher Vance Wilson has requested his release and is expected to retire.

Now that the Orioles have acquired Julio Lugo, they'll be the second team to benefit from his services while someone else pays him: Lugo is in the final season of his ill-fated deal with the Red Sox. The deal contains an option that could vest if Lugo obtains enough plate appearances, but he's unlikely to reach the mark.

In former Brewer notes:

If you're a roster move junkie (and I know at least some of us are), you might find this interesting: Of the seventeen players selected in the major league portion of this year's Rule 5 draft, ten are still with their drafting team. Two of them, including Chuck Lofgren, were retained after their new team agreed to a trade with their old team. Two were offered back, but their old team declined to take them. One will open the season on the DL, and five could make the Opening Day roster for their new teams.

Barring something unforeseen, Jamie Moyer has made the Phillies as their fifth starter, and will pitch this season at 47 years old. As the B-Ref Blog notes, Moyer could become the third oldest pitcher ever to start a major league game this season.

These two posts don't really have much of anything in common, aside from the fact that they're both very good extended reads: Andy Seiler has a look at the life of an area scout and Bucs Dugout writes about the danger of taking the easy way out as a baseball writer. Both are well worth your time.

Speaking of taking the easy way out on baseball reporting, ESPN has hired another former player (Doug Glanville) to provide baseball analysis. Because ESPN doesn't have enough former players on staff.

Happy birthday to:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go take advantage of the season.

Drink up.