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Uniform Notes Week 3

The biggest news is that Alcides Escobar stopped wearing his high socks on Sunday.
Coming out of the off day on April 19, Escobar was wearing his hose up to his knees. Over that time he was 7-22 with five runs scored.

However, come Sunday's game against the Cubs, Alcides was once again wearing the pants long. It didn't change his mojo for that game, but we may be seeing this look for a while, as he hit his first home run of the season last night while sporting the long pants.


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The other big news is that Gregg Zaun, who's notorious for not wearing batting gloves, had them on last night and had a career night. He tied his career highs of four hits and five RBI in a game. Heading in to last nights game, he was batting .157 with three RBI. Something tells me the gloves will become a permanent fixture.

He's not wearing the gloves while running the bases, below, but you do see them stashed in his back pocket. 


The Nashville Sounds have a Throwback Thursday promotion going on. Below are the uniforms they're wearing, complete with fake stirrup socks.


The Timber Rattlers announced that they will be wearing special jerseys on Mother's Day and released a rendering of the look. The look is very reminiscent of the Houston Astros so-called "Tequila Sunrise" jerseys.


With 10 singles and four walks, Carlos Gomez has made it to first base quite a few times already, but apparently he needs to practice the elaborate handshake he does with first base coach Ed Sedar, because last night he knocked his own batting helmet off mid-shake.


I know it's the dreaded Cubs, but I noticed this hip patch during the weekend series and I'm pretty certain is a new addition this season. You can see it below on Marlon Byrd's left hip




Season Record by Uniform


Grey Top/Grey Pants 4-2

Navy Top/White Pants 3-2

White Top/White Pants 1-3

Pinstripes 0-1

Milwaukee Navy Top/Grey Pant 1-2