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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

Sunday's Timber Rattler game was rained out. Sadly, I have no minor league pictures this week. I guess y'all will have to settle for pictures of the grown up Brewers.

In other sad news, the Brewers have lost five out of their last six games... all games Corey Hart has played in. Coincidence? Probably.

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All pictures this week are from SBNation.

You guys, everything is going to turn around for the Brewers in ten to twelve weeks - Bob Uecker is a-ok! (Fanshot)

On Monday, Gregg Zaun showed off the GRIT-y way to score runs. Too bad he isn't doing anything else well lately.

Corey Hart (aka Wolfman) seems to be playing more lately, but not making that much of a difference.

Trevor Hoffman has been struggling lately (Fanpost). It's too bad - he's only six saves away from 600.

Ryan Braun steals more than just hearts - he's stolen six bases this season, for a career total of 55.

It seems like he's not taking the game seriously lately. Someone has water slides in mind.

Casey McGehee has been listening to Ludacris just a little too much... Or maybe he's just thinking about this commercial.

Dear Brewers, start winning. The lack of celebratory pictures is lame.