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May Fantasy Standings Update

Hey all you guys and gals, it's the first of the month, and you know what that means!  Fantasy Standings Checking Time!  First, a quick rehashing of whats going on after the season.  As you all know, we have two leagues going, Yahoo! and  Basically, at the end of the year, we will have a winner from both and one overall winner.  Since we don't actually have any money or prizes up for grabs, the champs get bragging rights forever and ever until next year. 

When the 2011 fantasy season begins is when it gets interesting as far as rosters go.  We have twenty-eight people right now, so the simplest thing that would happen is nobody stops playing and nobody new joins (this won't happen, though).  If it were like that, the top 14 overall points leaders will make up League #1--the better league--and the lower 14 teams will make up League #2--the lesser league. 

That won't happen.  New teams will join, old teams will leave.  New teams will automatically go to the lesser division (we might even have to make a third league).  So basically, I can't say exactly how many teams are going to be in each division, but it will be made easier because the leagues won't have to have an even amount of teams because we're doing relegation beginning after the 2011 season.  For those who don't know what that means, it's a process where the bottom few teams in a league drop down to the league below them and are replaced by the top few teams in that league. 

We'll figure out the semantics next year as to how many teams move up and down, where they go, etc.  I would actually be kind of in favor of a smaller "Premier League" so it seems more exclusive to win and stay in that top rung of BCB fantasy players, but we'll see.  Feel free to ask away if anything is confusing, I kind of wrote this hastily.

If you want to see the standings, follow the jump.  (Hint:  I'm awesome!)

For a recap of how the teams drafts look, click here and here.  All standings are as of this morning.

First, the Commissioner League:

Place Player Points
1 Noah (YES!) 136.0
2 sjlee 130.5
3 Acheron 115.0
4 (tie) Shane Miller 109.5
4 (tie) Dikembe Meiztombo 109.5
6 brewjoles 105.5
7 Hyatt 85.5
8 Sammy P 82.0
9 Juicelaw 81.0
10 Bwrsfan39 76.0
11 Rendezvous 75.6
12 Yar Nivek 66.5
13 Saberilliterate 46.5
14 mnbrewer 41.0


And the Yahoo! league (adjusted as though there were 14 teams, taking out my JSCommenters):

Place Player Points
1 pjpaulus 110
2 SRB 109
3 BrewCrewShrew 106
4 Flanyboy 103.5
5 thebrouhaha 97.5
6 GoGregGo 97
7 dtmeyers 94
8 (tie)
Charlie Marlow 93.5
8 (tie)
tcyoung 93.5
10 MKE-ZOU 93
11 B0Jesus 85.5
12 ilostmy4thfinger 77
13 ThomBerth 62.5
14 Michael M 59.5


Oh, and just in case anyone missed it, I'M BEATING EVERYONE!  With Trevor Hoffman as my only real closer!

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