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Phillies 10, Brewers 6

Win:  Joe Blanton (1-2)
Loss: Chris Narveson (3-1)
Save: Jose Contreras (1)

HR: Victorino (8), Fielder (6), Hart (4), Escobar (!!)

MVP: Prince Fielder (.103)
LVP:  Claudio Vargas and Chris Narveson (tie) (-.175)

Fangraphs loss expectancy graph
SBNation Coverage

From nullacct: "In an act of leadership that would make Custer proud, Ken Macha drove another nail into his managerial coffin today, leaving starter Chris Narveson in long enough to pitch longer than any other starter in the major leagues this year, with predictably disastrous results."  Apparently he threw 130 pitches today, the most of anyone in the majors this year.  I expect Dusty Baker to see this and give Johnny Cueto 160 pitches.

I only watched the last couple innings of this one.  It looks like I didn't miss much, though.

The batting was again good, with three more HR today, including one by Alcides Escobar which is always awesome. They started a comeback in the ninth, but I think that was just to toy with our hearts.

The pitching sucked.  Narv-Dog gave up four in 5.2 innings and Claudio Vargas wasn't able to do his vanishing act and gave up 5 ER in 0.1 (!) innings.  Jeff Suppan didn't give up any runs in 0.2 innings so, hey, alright.

I also shot a 55 on nine holes, five worse than last time I went and the worst of the three of us that went.  Today was a bad day.  I'm going to go get my pride back by dominating a game of Mario Party.