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Padres 8, Brewers 0

Win: Jon Garland (3-2)
Loss: Randy Wolf (2-2)

HR: Hairston (4), Blanks (3)

MVP:  Nobody.  No, seriously.  The highest WPA was Claudio Vargas at .006.  Nobody deserves to be called any kind of MVP.
LVP:Randy Wolf (-.196)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Graph
SBNation Coverage

There was nothing good or worthwhile about this game.

With the loss, the Brewers are 10-15.  I would just like to point out that the Yankees started out the 2009 season 13-15 and the Phillies started 16-16 last year.  Obviously they were probably better than the Brewers are right now, and they are different teams in different situations, but the two World Series teams from last year didn't exactly set the world on fire from the get go, either. 

The Brewers offense shouldn't struggle as much as it has been, and it will pick up at some point.  Had Trevor Hoffman not blown four saves already, the Brewers would be a lot better off.  Don't give up quite yet, guys.