Macha disapproves of Escobar's first-inning bunt


From Thursday's JSOnline game notes: For those wondering, manager Ken Macha did not order the sacrifice bunt by Alcides Escobar with Rickie Weeks on second base and no outs in the first inning Wednesay night. Escobar did that on his own and was told by bench coach Willie Randolph afterward it wasn't the right move. "This is a young kid," said Macha. "His thoughts were a team game. Playing for one run in the first inning is not something I endorse. You wind up wasting an at-bat." Why does Macha have different rules for the first inning? I normally embrace his wonkish reliance on run-production stats, but I don't get this one. Why is a bunt to move the runner to third a bad thing in the first inning, when it presumably would be better in later innings? Aren't all outs equal?