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Twins 15, Brewers 3

W: Nick Blackburn (5-1)
L: Dave Bush (1-5)

HR: Carlos Gomez (3)

MVP: Ryan Braun (+.032) (Honorary MVP: Kate Bilo of Accuweather.)
LVP: Dave Bush (-.412)

Win Expectancy Graph and Star of the Game Voting
SBNation Coverage

So, ten of eleven?

The Brewers were down 7-0 when Dave Bush melted down in the first, and never came to life tonight.

Also, Jonathan Lucroy made his major league debut in the eighth and picked up a single to left for his first hit. After a fielder's choice for Alcides Escobar and a double by Joe Inglett, Carlos Gomez hit his third home run of the season, driving in the Brewers' only runs.