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Draft Week: Where Are They Now? The 2009 Draft Class

It's time now to continue our Draft Week coverage with Part 2 of "Where Are They Now?", looking back at the 2009 draft. For Part 1, click here.

All stats are through Monday's games.

The blue chips:

2009 1st rd (supplemental) pick Kentrail Davis (OF)
2010 (Brevard County):
146 PA, .244/.384/.345

Davis is having a pretty strong professional debut in the pitcher-friendly Florida State League, when he can stay on the field - injuries have already put him on the DL twice, and he missed time again over the weekend. He's also stolen eight bases in ten attempts, and been hit by ten pitches.

2009 1st rd (supplemental) pick Kyle Heckathorn (RHP)
2010 (Wisconsin):
39.1 IP, 2.97 ERA, 35 K, 9 BB
2009 (Helena): 22.1 IP, 6.04 ERA, 15 K, 4 BB

It's too early to get too high or too low on anyone from last year's draft, but so far Heckathorn has looked very good. His peripherals are excellent, with a strong K rate (7.3/9) and a low walk rate (1.9/9), and in 2010 he's doing a good job of keeping runners off the bases (1.195 WHIP).

2009 2nd rd pick Cameron Garfield (C)
2010 (Wisconsin):
161 AB, .240/.275/.347
2009 (Helena): 234 PA, .248/.299/.353

Garfield's hitting stats aren't exceptionally impressive until you remember that he just turned 19 last week, making him one of the youngest players in the Midwest League this season. 

Others of note:

2009 1st rd pick Eric Arnett (RHP)
2010 (Wisconsin):
40.2 IP, 7.52 ERA, 31 K, 16 BB
2009 (Helena): 34.2 IP, 4.41 ERA, 35 K, 21 BB

It's a little early to panic with Arnett, but his 6.09 ERA as a professional pretty accurately sums up his performance so far. For a 22 year old who was supposed to be a safe pick and a quick riser through the system, Arnett's results against largely younger competition have been very disappointing.

2009 2nd rd pick Max Walla (RF)
Has not played
2009 (Arizona and Helena): 220 PA, .201/.282/.278

Walla just turned 19 in April and will likely spend 2010 in Helena, where he'll need to knock down his K rate a bit - he struck out 87 times in 194 ABs last season, most of which came in Arizona.

2009 3rd rd pick Josh Prince (SS)
2010 (Brevard County):
180 PA, .256/.284/.321
2009 (Helena and Wisconsin): 316 PA, .262/.373/.319

Prince signed early and has benefited a bit from a lack of shortstop depth in the organization. His OBP has dropped precipitously since leaving Helena (.307 in Wisconsin, .284 for Brevard County), but his speed is still a major asset: He's stolen 50 bases in 65 attempts as a professional in slightly less than a full season's worth of playing time.

2009 7th rd pick Khris Davis (OF)
2010 (Wisconsin):
201 PA, .316/.405/.500
2009 (Arizona and Helena): 46 PA, .237/.348/.500

Davis appeared in eleven games last season, so he's basically making his pro debut in Wisconsin this season, where he leads the team in slugging and is second in batting average and OBP. He's already 22, so he could be promoted relatively quickly.

2009 16th rd pick Scooter Gennett (2B)
2010 (Wisconsin):
203 PA, .347/.414/.477

Again, it's too early to get too excited, but Gennett's early performance has been nothing short of sensational. He leads the Timber Rattlers in hits, runs, doubles, batting average and OBP.

Still in the organization:

2009 4th rd pick Brooks Hall (RHP)
Has not played

Hall signed late and wasn't assigned to a full season team to start 2010.

2009 5th rd pick D'Vontrey Richardson (CF)
2010 (Wisconsin):
222 PA, .232/.311/.333

Richardson was signed away from Florida St, where he had a football scholarship. He's a great athlete but has a lot to learn about playing baseball.

2009 6th rd pick Hiram Burgos (RHP)
2010 (Wisconsin):
20 IP, 5.40 ERA, 15 K, 6 BB
2009 (Helena): 57.2 IP, 5.62 ERA, 53 K, 14 BB

Burgos' best performance since turning pro came over the winter in the Puerto Rican Winter League. Between college, Helena and winter ball, Burgos threw over 180 innings last season, so the Brewers are taking it slow with him in 2010.

2009 8th rd pick Chad Stang (CF)
Has not played
2009 (Helena): 205 PA, .229/.284/.314

2009 9th rd pick Jonathan Pokorny (LHP)
2010 (Wisconsin):
22.1 IP, 3.22 ERA, 34 K, 7 BB
2009 (Helena): 40 IP, 3.38 ERA, 43 K, 14 BB

2009 10th rd pick Tyler Robers (C)
Has not played
2009 (Arizona and Helena): 95 PA, .275/.383/.350

2009 11th rd pick Andre Lamontagne (RHP)
2010 (Wisconsin):
26.2 IP, 2.36 ERA, 26 K, 14 BB
2009 (Helena): 35.2 IP, 4.54 ERA, 17 K, 11 BB

Lamontagne was pitching very well as a 24 year old in Low A, so he was promoted to Brevard County this week.

2009 12th rd pick Robert Currie (RHP)
Has not played
2009 (Helena): 35.1 IP, 3.57 ERA, 35 K, 11 BB

Currie had a decent season in the Pioneer League as a reliever, but the fact that he's 23 and didn't open the season on a full season team is troubling.

2009 13th rd pick Sean Halton (1B)
2010 (Wisconsin and Brevard County):
181 PA, .248/.313/.298
2009 (Arizona and Helena): 282 PA, .345/.397/.506

2009 14th rd pick Mike Brownstein (IF)
Has not played
2009 (Arizona, Helena, Wisconsin and Huntsville): 297 PA, .299/.410/.382

2010 15th rd pick Del Howell (LHP)
2010 (Wisconsin):
26 IP, 7.27 ERA, 17 K, 19 BB
2009 (Arizona and Helena): 11.2 IP, 0.77 ERA, 9 K, 3 BB

2010 17th rd pick Tyler Cravy (RHP)
Has not played
2009 (Arizona): 32.1 IP, 4.45 ERA, 34 K, 12 BB

2010 18th rd pick Caleb Thielbar (LHP)
2010 (Wisconsin):
32 IP, 4.78 ERA, 29 K, 5 BB
2009 (Arizona and Helena): 47 IP, 1.53 ERA, 48 K, 8 BB

2009 19th rd pick Scott Krieger (RF)
2010 (Brevard County and Huntsville):
29 PA, .185/.214/.370
2009 (Helena): 302 PA, .253/.301/.473

2009 20th rd pick Franklin Romero (OF)
2010 (Wisconsin):
109 PA, .183/.220/.327
2009 (Arizona and Helena): 237 PA, .223/.262/.336

2009 22nd rd pick Michael Fiers (RHP)
2010 (Brevard County):
59.1 IP, 3.49 ERA, 60 K, 17 BB
2009 (Helena, Wisconsin and Brevard County): 40.2 IP, 1.33 ERA, 59 K, 5 BB

Fiers is in his age 25 season, but is being given a shot to start in Brevard County and is pitching pretty well, striking plenty of guys out and showing decent control. A promotion to Huntsville could be coming soon.

2009 24th rd pick Peter Fatse (UTIL)
2010 (Wisconsin):
169 PA, .234/.337/.438
2009 (Helena and Wisconsin): 269 PA, .237/.342/.342

2009 25th rd pick Demetrius McKelvie (LF)
Has not played
2009 (Arizona): 141 PA, .210/.300/.290

2009 30th rd pick Brandon Sizemore (IF)
Has not played
2009 (Arizona and Wisconsin): 227 PA, .292/.376/.528

2009 35th rd pick Matthew Costello (LHP)
Has not played
2009 (Arizona and Helena): 39.1 IP, 2.06 ERA, 43 K, 9 BB

2009 43rd rd pick Kyle Dhanani (3B)
2010 (Wisconsin):
13 PA, .000/.077/.000
2009 (Helena and Wisconsin): 173 PA, .225/.320/.305

Out of the organization:

2009 27th rd pick Ryan Platt (released this spring)
2009 32nd rd pick Chris Ellington (retired this spring)

Did not sign:

2009 21st rd pick Brian Vigo-Suarez
2009 23rd rd pick Austin Pressley
2009 25th rd pick Felix Rutledge
2009 28th rd pick Eugene Escalante
2009 29th rd pick Chandler McLaren
2009 31st rd pick Jose Oviedo
2009 33rd rd pick Jacobbi McDaniel
2009 34th rd pick Michael Ojala
2009 36th rd pick Joshua Turley
2009 37th rd pick Cullen Sexton
2009 38th rd pick Casey Stevenson
2009 39th rd pick Brady Rogers
2009 40th rd pick Kyle Hansen
2009 41st rd pick Steven Sulzbaugh
2009 42nd rd pick Brad Schreiber
2009 44th rd pick Andrew Morris
2009 45th rd pick Richard Stock
2009 46th rd pick Jordan Wong
2009 47th rd pick Trevor Kirk
2009 48th rd pick Reynaldo Cotilla
2009 49th rd pick John Altobelli
2009 50th rd pick Darren Farmer