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Series Preview: Texas Rangers Wikipedia Facts

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Other pictures I found probably weren't appropriate for the site.
via Other pictures I found probably weren't appropriate for the site.

Here are some quick, basic stats on the Rangers thus far this year:
Current Record: 33-27 (First in AL West)
Runs Scored: 308
Runs Allowed: 271
Best Batting Average: Vladamir Guerrero (.339)
Best OBP: Nelson Cruz (.405)
Best SLG: Cruz (.729)
Most HR: Josh Hamilton and Guerrero (13)
Most RBI: Guerrero (53)
Most Strikeouts (Hitter): Hamilton (54)
Most Strikeouts (Pitcher): Colby Lewis (71)
Most Walks (Pitcher): Rich Harden (40)
Best ERA: Darren Oliver (1.53)

Wikipedia facts following the jump

  • On his Myspace page, CJ Wilson confirmed that he throws a gyroball.  You might the pitch being associated with Daisuke Matsuzaka when he came over from Japan.
  • Also, from Wilson's "Personal life and beliefs" section on wikipedia:

    Wilson is a devoted Taoist and also adheres to a "Straight Edge" way of life (in which one abstains from alcohol, illegal drugs, and promiscuous sex in order to maintain a healthy and poison-free body). As a sign of his choice and pride of being Straight Edge, Wilson has the words "Straight Edge" tattooed along the length of his torso, Japanese characters on his shoulder that read "Poison Free" and "XXX" stitched on his blue glove as a straight edge symbol. The blue glove is itself a rarety among baseball players, who generally wear a traditional brown-colored glove. Wilson wears a similarly-decorated red glove while pitching in games when the Rangers wear their alternate red uniforms.

    Wilson is highly interested in politics, which he said is in stark contrast to other Major League baseball players in an interview with's Page 2.[6] His characterizations of typical ballplayers in this same interview and some of his posts on the blog generated minor controversy within the Rangers' clubhouse.[7]

    CJ races race cars in his free time, and has mentioned he aims to be a professional racer after his baseball career, he also is highly interested in cars, having a collection of Porsches.

  • Andres Blanco was named in honor of a Venezuelan poet.
  • When playing Little League baseball, Ian Kinsler was once benched by his father, who was the coach, for rolling his eyes while receiving orders.
  • David Murphy was teammates with Indians second baseman Josh Barfield in High School.
  • Michael Young is cousins with former WBO Light Welterweight boscing champion Zack Padilla.
  • Justin Smoak was one of the top prospects in all of Major League Baseball coming into the season.  However, he wasn't really noticed until his junior year of High School, and only then because scouts were there to watch his teammate, Matt Wieters.
  • Matt Treanor, former Brewers spring training invite, is, of course, married to volleyball player Misty May.  Some people think she is good looking.  I do not.
  • Vlad Guerrero "has provided several job opportunities in his hometown in the Dominican Republic through his business ventures: a concrete-block factory, a propane distributorship, a supermarket, a livestock and vegetable farm, and a women's clothing store."
  • Scott Feldman's father is an FBI agent.
  • Rich Harden and Ian Kinsler were teammates at Central Arizona College.
  • Darren O'Day is engaged to a news anchor, Elizabeth Pratt.  As far as I can tell, this is Elizabeth Pratt.  Far better than Misty May.
  • O'Days wikipedia picture makes my elbow hurt.
  • Jarrod really-long-last-name is married to a former teacher of his high school, who is 14 years older than he is.  He was never her student, though.

In addition, TheJay sent some Brewers-Rangers trivia questions to Kyle, who then sent them to me. 

Can you name the six Brewers who started all three games the team played against Texas in 2007?  Four are still with the team.
Highlight below for answer:
Ryan Braun, Craig Counsell, Johnny Estrada, Prince Fielder, Corey Hart, Geoff Jenkins
Also, the last time the Rangers played in Milwaukee was August 25-27, 1997.  Only two players who appeared in that series have appeared in major league games in 2010.  Who are they?
Highlight below for answer:
Fernando Tatis, Darren Oliver

How many could you answer correctly?