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Gamethread #63: Rangers (34-28) at Brewers (26-36)

Including today, we're just 100 games away from the playoffs!

Current Series

3 game series vs Rangers @ Miller Park

Fri 06/11 WP: Chris Narveson (5 - 3)
LP: Rich Harden (3 - 3)
6 - 2 win
Sat 06/12 WP: Scott Feldman (4 - 6)
SV: Chris Ray
LP: Manny Parra (1 - 4)
3 - 4 loss

Texas Rangers
@ Milwaukee Brewers

Sunday, Jun 13, 2010, 1:10 PM CDT
Miller Park

Colby Lewis vs Yovani Gallardo

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing from left to right field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 70.

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Yovani Gallardo (6-2, 2.41) is a sexy beast and there should be an official cult dedicated to his greatness. Do I really need to tell you anything else about him? Gallardo hasn't faced any current Rangers.

Colby Lewis (5-4, 3.40) has pitched pretty well this season. He strikes out a good amount of hitters and walks a fair amount as well. His FIP is 4.02. He doesn't give up a ton of HR. When you type his name into google image search this is the first picture that comes up. This is the actual Colby Lewis. He's 30 years old. He's played for a bunch of teams already. Over his career he has been a pretty bad pitcher. He seems really boring. Carlos Gomez is the only player to have at least one PA against Lewis (two, to be exact) and has a 2.000 OPS against him.



Jonathon Lucroy, who has started the last three games and is 24 years old today is on the bench.

Bullpen Report:

David Riske pitched 1 inning (15 pitches) yesterday.
Chris Capuano pitched 1 inning (15 pitches) yesterday.

Trevor Hoffman pitched 1 inning (14 pitches) yesterday.
Kameron Loe
pitched 2 innings (21 pitches) friday.
Zach Braddock
pitched .1 innings (4 pitches) Thursday.

John Axford pitched 1 inning (15 pitches) Thursday.
Carlos Villanueva pitched 1.1 innings (14 pitches) Thursday.

Chris Smith pitched 1.1 innings (22 pitches) Wednesday.

Jeff Suppan is still gone.