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Interview with Brewer #1 pick Dylan Covey

Dylan Covey watches the Brewers play the Angels on June 14, 2010 (via the Covey family on Facebook)
Dylan Covey watches the Brewers play the Angels on June 14, 2010 (via the Covey family on Facebook)

Shortly after RHP Dylan Covey was announced as the Brewers' first round pick in last week's draft, I created Covey's Coven, a Facebook fan page.  Within a few days some of Covey's friends and even Dylan himself had joined.  I decided to take the opportunity to ask him to answer a few questions for us here at Brew Crew Ball.  Dylan kindly agreed, and like the Millennials we both are, we exchanged BCB user submitted questions and answers via Facebook message.

Before I get to the interview, Dylan wanted to clear something up:

Ok before I answer these, I'd like to make things clear that when I did some interviews with the Milwaukee newspapers, I was completely joking around with the interviewer when I said I didn't know how to spell Milwaukee or that I had cheap parents. I guess he didn't like the joke.

Don’t worry Dylan, we love humor around here.

Now for the interview:


BCB: First, your Facebook page has everyone wondering: why is your nickname ‘Splash?’

DC: Haha this is kind of a nickname that came out of nowhere and just stuck with me. I'm open to any suggestions you may have of why people call me that.

BCB: What is the scouting process like for a player?

DC: I'm sure the process is different for all players. Some players probably met with all the teams and some probably met with only a few. For me it was a really fun and exciting time and I'm still having fun with the process. I think I had about 28 of the 30 area scouts sit down in my living room and talk to me and my parents just trying to get to know me to make sure I wasn't a head case. Then the season would start and I would have anywhere from 10 to 60 scouts at each of my starts. When the season started winding down a few of the scouts came back to our house to talk about signability (if I would sign and how much I wanted). And then I just had to wait for the draft. I've told people that I wasn't expecting the Brewers to pick me but that is mainly because I wasn't getting any phone calls from them as the draft was getting closer. But I assure you I couldn't be happier with the turnout.

BCB: Where were you told and/or where were you hoping to be drafted?

DC: At the beginning of the year I was projected as a top 10 pick, but as the year went on some rumors started that I was injured (not true) so then I was told late first round. I hoped to be drafted by the team that fit the most, and now that I was drafted by the Brewers I couldn't see a better fit.

BCB: Speaking of scouts, everyone has read the scouting reports, but what do you really throw?

DC: I have a 5 pitch arsenal - a 4-seam fastball that sits around 91-94 MPH topping out at 97, a 2-seam fastball that has the same velocity but runs inside to righties, a curveball that's 78-84 MPH that breaks straight up and down, a slider that's 84-90 MPH, and a developing change-up which is gonna need the most work.

BCB: How much movement does your fastball have? Do you expect to add any velocity to it?

DC: The 4-seam fastball has little movement but I can paint the corners pretty easily with it. The 2-seam will either run in on a righty usually about 6 inches or it will act as a sinker depending on finger pressure. I believe as I get bigger and stronger that I'll be able to throw harder. I'm hoping that I can sit 95-97 at some point in my career.

BCB: Do you have a general pitching philosophy or anything special you do to prepare for each game?

DC: Me and my team would always go to this sandwich/burger place before our games call Connal's. It was really good but I'm gonna have switch things up once I get to Milwaukee.

BCB: Do you model your game after any particular player (bonus points for a current or former Brewer!)?

DC: As far as mechanics go I would say I am very similar to Yovani Gallardo. People have compared me physically to Matt Cain and [Chad] Billingsley. I think I'm a bit skinnier than both of them though. The Aflac uniform was deceiving because the pants they gave me were a million times too large. As far as my stuff goes I think I have potential to be as good as [Josh] Beckett or [Roy] Halladay or some of those guys. I know that's a pretty bold statement but I think I could get there. It's just gonna take a lot of hard work to get to that level.

BCB: Did you play any other positions in high school or were you strictly a pitcher?

DC: I played Center Field every year except halfway through my senior year. I played First Base when I didn't pitch because our number 2 starter was the regular 1B so we would just alternate.

BCB: Can you give any insights into the negotiating process with the Brewers?

DC:  We haven't started negotiating anything yet. I think a lot of the head scouts are in the DR right now and when they get back we'll probably start.

BCB: Have you gotten any indication of where you will play (Arizona, Helena, etc.) if you sign?

DC: I have no idea. I know the spring training league is in AZ and that's most likely where I'll start out.

BCB: Now, if you don't mind, for some more personal questions:

Are you wearing Brewers gear with the current logo or the retro logo?

DC: Me and my dad both have the retro hats. A few of my friends have the current hats. And even some friends are going online and finding different colored ones and things I've never seen before so it's a little bit of everything.

BCB:  The Brewers used to celebrate wins by untucking their jerseys on the field. Other teams found it annoying.  As a ballplayer, do you have an opinion about untucking in celebration?

DC: Tradition is what baseball is all about. As long as a team is respectful to their opponents I think they can do whatever they want.

BCB: When you come into your first major league game, what will your warm-up and walk-up music be?

DC: Haha there are too many decisions. Maybe 'Alive' by Kid Cudi? That's what it was in high school.

BCB: Will being a professional ballplayer be your first job?  From what I've heard, playing in the minors is like being dropped into adulthood with both feet.

DC: Besides working for my dad in his shop it will be. I know that the minor leagues will be very tough but I'm willing to chief it out until I make it to the MLB. I mean I'm playing a game every day for a living - can't be that bad.

BCB: If a train leaves Toronto at 8:24 AM, heading west at 98 miles per hour and another leaves Vancouver at 7:32 PM heading east at 78 miles per hour, what time is it in Beijing when the trains pass? Just kidding! :)

DC: 5?

BCB: Forgive me for Facebook creeping, but I see you play the piano pretty well. How long have you been playing?

DC: Haha that's just something I kind of mess around with. I used to take lessons a while back but I don't remember anything. I don't even know how to read music.

BCB: Finally, I know you will have a busy summer. What are you looking forward to the most?

DC: Starting my new job!!


As you can see, Covey is a talented player and a fun guy to talk to. I definitely think he will feel at home in the Brewers system and can’t wait to see what he can do.

Thanks again Dylan, and good luck!