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Gamethread #76: Astros (29-47) at Brewers (34-41)

The Brewers have won 6 of 7, baseball is exciting again! Yay!

Current Series

3 game series vs Astros @ Miller Park

Houston Astros
@ Milwaukee Brewers

Monday, Jun 28, 2010, 7:10 PM CDT
Miller Park

Bud Norris vs Manny Parra

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing out to center field at 15-20 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 75.

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Tue 06/29 7:10 PM CDT
Wed 06/30 1:10 PM CDT

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The Brewers will send Manny Parra (2-5, 3.83 ERA) to the mound tonight. Parra has been very decent since becoming a starter. In six starts this season he has not allowed more than 3 runs. He's even been a little unlucky this year; his BABIP this year is .354. The problem is that he has only pitched 6 innings twice, although he probably could have pitched 6 innings last time out against the Twins, but I'm not going to open up that debate again. In his career, Parra is 4-3 with a 4.91 ERA against the Astros. Four Astros have faced Parra more than 10 times.

Player PA Slash Line
Lance Berkman 18 .357/.500/.500
Michael Bourn 12 .273/.273/.636
Carlos Lee 12 .533/.611/.867
Hunter Pence 12 .176/.263/.235

Parra will be facing Bud (not pronounced Bude) Norris (2-5, 6.80 ERA). Norris will be making his first start since returning from the disabled list with bicep tendinitis. Norris has an unsightly WHIP of 1.763 ERA this season. He's giving up plenty of hits (10.5/9 innings) and is walking a ton (5.4/9 innings) as well. He's also been very unlucky, with a BABIP of .404. The righty is supposed to be the furute ace of the Astros, but right now he is looking more like Manny Parra, 2009 Edition. Norris is 1-0 with a 2.45 ERA in his career against the Brewers. No Brewer has faced him more than 10 times.

Tonight's lineup

Weeks 2B
Hart RF
Fielder 1B
Braun LF
McGehee 3B
Edmonds CF
Lucroy C
Counsell SS
Parra LHP

In the bullpen...
John Axford pitched 1 inning (17 pitches) yesterday.
David Riske pitched 1 inning (18 pitches) Saturday.
Todd Coffey pitched .2 innings (8 pitches) Saturday.
Zach Braddock pitched .1 inning (5 pitches) Saturday.
Kameron Loe pitched 1 inning (12 pitches) Saturday and 1 inning Friday.
Trevor Hoffman pitched 1 inning (7 pitches) Saturday and 1 inning Friday.
Carlos Villanueva pitched 1 inning (17 pitches) Friday.
Chris Capuano is collecting dust.