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Wednesday's Chilly Grog

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Something to read while playing with bombs.

Kyle's off in the woods. I don't know exactly what he's up to, but I have my ideas. Before he left though, he managed to help set up the MLB Power Rankings of the week. The Brewers moved up in rank, from 23 last week to 19 this week. Kyle also posted the results from last week's tracking poll, showing an increased approval rating for Ken Macha. I think it's from all the Perkins dancing.

So how 'bout them Brewers, then? They're ending the month of June well, having won Seven of Nine. They finish the series against the Astros today at 1:10. Hopefully they can keep that momentum up after the commute down to St Louis to face HRH Albert Pujols and the Cardinals.

Around the MLB:

Edwin Rodriguez gets to finish the season as manager for the Marlins, after the club fired Fredi Gonzalez last week.

Willy Taveras was released by the Phillies, making it the third time he's been kicked out this year. The Phillies aren't having a great week either after having to place Chase Utley and Placido Poblanco on the DL.

The Mariners are DFA'ing Eliezer Alfonso to make room for Josh Bard, who was activated from the DL last night.

The Mets signed Michael Barrett to a minor league deal.

Oh, and Carlos Zambrano? He's been placed on the restricted list and won't be back until after the All-Star break. He begins anger management classes today. I hope he feels pretty.


I couldn't find any Brewer-related birthdays but Milwaukee-born Mark Grudzielanek of the Cleveland Indians turns 40 today. Otherwise you could congratulate Michael Phelps, who is 25.

Cool Days:

On this date in 1908, Cy Young pitched his third and final no-hitter. It would've been a perfect game too, except that he managed to walk someone. Way to be, Cy.

The next year, the Cubs beat the Pirates in the opening day game for Forbes Field. The stadium was pretty state-of-the-art for its day, featuring awesome things like newfangled elevators and the like.

In 1948, Bob Lemon threw a no-hitter against the Tigers, allowing Cleveland to win 2-0. The coolest part? It was the first American League no-hitter at night.

In 1978, Willie McCovey joined the 500 HR club as a Giant. Why don't we ever hear about players joining the 700 Club? At least they've got a show on the tele.

And that's pretty much that... unless you're looking to combine your love of bacon with your love of zombies.

Drink up and enjoy the game!