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Astros 5, Brewers 1

W: Wandy Rodriguez (5-10)

L: David Bush (3-6)

HR: None

MVP: Casey McGehee (.158)
LVP: Carlos Villanueva (-.246)

Graph of Destruction of a New Town
SB Nation Coverage

And, just like that, a homestand that got off to a roaring start with a sweep of the Twins and a series win against the Mariners ended with a whimper, as the Brewers dropped two of three against the hapless Astros.

Dave Bush was solid for the most part, but threw a ton of pitches in an adventuresome fourth inning.  For some reason, Geoff Blum and Chris Johnson were the bane of Bush's existence today: Blum had a single, a double, and a walk against Bush, and Johnson had three singles.  Both men reached base four times on the day.

Bush was relieved by Carlos Villanueva to open the seventh inning, and New Town promptly imploded, surrendering three doubles and a walk to put the game out of reach.  After a stellar April, Villanueva has come crashing back to earth; @jordanschelling noted during the game that Chuck posted a 0.00 ERA in April, then a 6.43 ERA in May, and now a 7.50 ERA in June.

The sticks obviously didn't do a whole lot this game, although third base butcher umpire Brian Gorman didn't do the Crew any favors, twice calling Casey McGehee out on tag plays when replays showed, in both instances, that McGehee was safe. After his ludicrous strike calls on Prince Fielder last night, one can only assume that Gorman was affronted that his name was left off of ESPN's list of worst umpires.  CB Bucknor's got nothin' on you, Bri.

In other news, Corey Hart had a third-inning single to extend his hitting streak to 15 games.

Tomorrow, it's onto Saint Lou for the first of a four-game set against the Redbirds and His Most Eminent Respectfulness.  'Til then.