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Series Preview: St. Louis Cardinals Wikipedia Facts

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The Brewers go head to head with pure evil as they head to Busch Stadium for the first time this year.

Here are some quick, basic stats on the Cardinals thus far this year:
Current Record: 31-23 (First in NL Central)
Runs Scored: 245
Runs Allowed: 192
Best Batting Average: Albert Pujols (.318)
Best OBP: Pujols (.431)
Best SLG: Pujols (.566)
Most HR: Pujols (12)
Most RBI: Pujols (39)
Most Strikeouts (Hitter): Colby Rasmus (51)
Most Strikeouts (Pitcher): Adam Wainwright (77)
Most Walks (Pitcher): Jaime Garcia (28)
Best ERA: Jaime Garcia (1.32)

Wikipedia facts following the jump

  • Yadier Molina is the third catcher to play twice in the World Series prior to turning 25.  The other two were Yogi Berra and Johnny Bench.
  • Yadier, along with his Molina brothers Jose and Bengie, are the only trio of brothers to all have World Series Rings.
  • Albert Pujols is a dick.
  • Quoted directly from the Wikipedia article on Aaron Miles: "In spring training of 2000, several of his teammates from the Houston Astros organization were in their hotel when two gunmen burst into their room. Miles was in the next room and the gunmen took him hostage. The police arrived before the gunmen were able to take him to their getaway car, but one gunman fled the scene. The other forced Miles back into his room where he ended up wrestling the gunman to the ground. The police entered the room and shot the gunman while Miles held him to the floor. The gunman survived his wounds, and his accomplice was later captured."
  • Brenden Ryan's mustache was nominated for the American Mustache Institute's mustache of 2009, he licks his shoulder when at-bat, and he does a "near-flawless" imitation of Robert De Niro.  And his dad calls him Boog.
  • Jason Motte has two nicknames.  The first is "Apple Sauce".  The other, far more interesting and strange one is "Motter Otter Harry Potter".
  • On the subject of nicknames, Dennys Reyes is called "The Big Sweat", which is gross.
  • Unfortunately, Trever Miller's daughter was born with several health problems, including a genetic disorder that is so rare that it doesn't even have a name yet.  Miller helps with a 5K run where proceeds are donated to Kiwanis of Gulf Beaches Miracle League, which is a baseball related charity associated with children with disabilities.
  • Joe Mathers' nickname is "Joey Bombs".
  • Tony La Russa and Mark McGwire add a touch of class to the Cardinals coaching staff.