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Uni Notes

Chris Capuano made his first major league appearance in two years - and did it wearing high hose.

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Alcides Escobar can't seem to decide if high hose are lucky or not, and keeps switching back and forth.


Manny Parra's jersey wouldn't stay put this past weekend. It's a problem that only seems to happen with the "Milwaukee" jerseys, as Marco Estrada's shirt, shown below, had the same problem. Something about the way the tackle twill is sewn on leads to a large mass of gold showing.



Carlos Gomez showed some high hose, as did most of the team, wearing the Milwaukee Bears uniform in an era appropriate manor.


Corey shows off the fact that we even wore the correct logo on the batting helmet.


Todd Coffey shows off the stellar detail of the Bears jerseys with the belt loops, rear pocket flaps and piping.

Coffey was also the subject of an oddity when he was made to change gloves when the umps decided his was too close in color to the jerseys and could be deceiving to batters. The glove had faded from its original color and was now too pale.


The team wore star-spangled caps on Memorial Day.




Season Record by Uniform

Grey Top/Grey Pants 10-9

Navy Top/White Pants 6-5

White Top/White Pants 2-9

Throwbacks 1-2

Milwaukee Navy Top/Grey Pant 5-10