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Thursday's Frozen Margarita

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Kyle's still on vacation, so today you get me and my drink with a little umbrella in it!


After this two HR game on Saturday, Haudricourt pointed out that Prince is warming up.

Though not likely to make any Rookie of the Year ballots, Macha says he's happy with the job Alcides Escobar is doing.

McCalvy looks at how prolific the pitching staff has been at the plate.

Witrado adds another column to the lengthy discussion about shadows, day games and Miller Park


One of the posters over at did the math to realize that June was the Brewers' best month of baseball in over a year.

The Brewers Bar also have a month recap as we pass from June to July.

Per Cool Standings, the Brewers' playoff chances went from 4.5% on Saturday to 2.9% on Sunday.

There's a lot of speculation about why Jeremy Jeffress was placed on the Brewers' 40-man roster. In-Between Hops breaks it down.

The Sounds Twitter feed sends us this article on John Axford and the Milwaukee bullpen


As we hit July, trade deadline stories and rumors will abound.


In the minors:

Ladies who have been left with a hole in their hearts by his departure can catch JJ Hardy on a rehab assignment in Beloit today and tomorrow. Hardy apparently never played there as a Brewer - he by-passed A ball.

Rumors have been circling about St. Louis Cardinal Chris Carpenter and it looked like the Brewers might miss having to face him, but FSMidwest says he's on track to start Saturday.

Andy Seiler goes over the first round of the recent MLB draft and looks at how his Mock Drafts ended up comparing to the real thing. Since so many of us pour over the pre-draft coverage, I thought it was interesting to see if it has merit.

On Monday, the Astros' Michael Bourn was called out on a strike when he stepped out of the batter's box and time wasn't given. This Astros blog looked at the rules concerning pitcher's delay and batter's timeout as a teachable moment.

Bugs and Cranks has some suggestions for how to fix All-Star Game voting.

Want to know what makes Mariano Rivera so hard to hit? Baseball Musings has a NYT link on his cutter that's worth your time.

David Pinto of Baseball Musings points out that though Jeff Suppan's ERA is lower while pitching for St. Louis, his K/BB/HR/Hits aren't much different from one team to the other, so the ERA should continue to climb to it's Milwaukee levels.

Cardinals fans didn't take long to get sick of him - Viva El Birdos wonder if they should trade Jeff Suppan.

Baseball Think Factory has a link to the 10 Longest Home Runs in the Hit Tracker Era. None of them are by or against the Brewers.

Beyond the Box Score has a thought-provoking article on racism and unconscious thought using the Evan Longoria/BJ Upton dugout spat.

The annual Civil Rights Game, which has been held in Cincinnati the past two seasons, is moving to Atlanta.

The South Carolina Gamecocks won the College World Series and Baseball America has it's final college baseball Top 25.

Their prospect blog also looked at the Best and Worst offenses in the minors. No Brewers organizations made those lists, but Brevard County did make the Worst Offense by Home Run list.

Rumor has it that the Texas Rangers have reached an agreement to acquire Bengie Moline from SF for Chris Rey and a PTBNL.

Not sure why he's quoted on the issue, but Tony LaRussa has gone on record in favor of the tougher immigration laws in Arizona. If you care.


In Birthdays, we have 2005 Brewer Nelson Cruz.


Big League Stew has a link to a "Wiscompton rapper" and his YouTube videos of baseball rap. There are no words.

That's all I've got unless you want to know what Justin Bieber and Justin Morneau have in common